Monday, January 11, 2010

Once a month is totally regular updating, right?

I'll say it again...

Thank goodness for RSS feeds or else I would be posting this into an abyss.

So Seattle is pretty awesome. Still. I just checked and I apparently said the same thing a month ago. But it's true! I've been busy, gallivanting around, doing a lot more skiing than running.

In theory I'm doing the 23k classic race at the Birkie next month. We'll see if that happens. I wanted to do the 23k skate race, but last Wednesday was my first night out skate skiing and I still have a lot to learn. I have a new ski buddy who is much better than me. We are starting to go to these Wednesday night ski outings where you go into the woods in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden see all these cross country skiers with headlamps. It's good times!

Running... Er, running...

Well, my long runs are 3 miles these days.

My big running plan for the year is....


September 2010. Me, Lisa, and her mom. And hopefully a lot of beer afterward.

In the meantime, my next distance goal is the Vancouver Half Marathon in May.

And then of course, the relays...

The Canadian Death Race is out this year, unless I can find one more person willing to shell out $350 for a race and who is willing to commit this month.

As for a more laid back relay, based on people's votes, right now it is looking like the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay. Pretty standard 12-person 200 miler... Except this:

What makes this Race different from any other event is the fact that at mile 118 your team is going to take the ride of their life aboard Silverwood Theme Park’s Tremors Rollercoaster. Get ready to plunge toward the Earth at over 60 miles per hour when your team arrives at this exchange around midnight.