Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WWR Day 2 (II): Please don't let me see another granola bar ever again...

So, yay we finished! We rolled into the finish at about 11:30. Because three other Flatlander teams came in ahead of us, we knew we weren't getting any awards. Those of us in Van 2 went to find some much needed food. At that point my body didn't know if it wanted to sleep or eat. I went with "eat." Finding a place to eat lunch in downtown Steamboat was perhaps the most excrutiating experience ever. I wanted to yell at all the tourists "We just ran here! From Fort Collins! Don't make us wait for our lunch or this could get ugly!" Halfway through my lunch, I transitioned from "eat" into "sleep" seamlessly, while propped up on my elbow over a half-eaten bowl of pasta.

So, what can I say? The Wild West Relay was loads of fun, despite all the setbacks at the beginning of the trip (I'll say it again, @#$%$^ terrorists). I am glad everyone got along, considering most people didn't know anyone else on the team before embarking on this adventure! I was the captain and I only knew three other teammates personally! But you figure, anyone who signs up to run a 200 mile relay over the Continental Divide with a bunch of strangers is a special kind of crazy (although not nearly as crazy as the ultra teams!) and thus we all fit right in. Yay for science nerds!

And as a tribute to our achievement:

Next up: Our day at the fair (not at all running related, but one third of team went, so it belongs here :-))

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