Tuesday, August 15, 2006

WWR Day -1: Where's the air?

I stole that tagline from the team that won our division.

Anyways, I guess the best place to start is at the beginning! Bright and early on Wednesday morning, Teresa picked Mark and me up at my house and we headed down to Ankeny to pick up Laurie. Then we had ten hours of quality "get-to-know-each-other" time driving out to Boulder. The most interesting part of the trip was seeing a massive cow statue on a flatbed truck go across the overpass. You couldn't actually see the truck so it just looked like a big cow going over the highway. I am sure Mark has now seen more of Nebraska than he could ever possibly want to see.

We got to Boulder and Mark and Teresa went for a run. I personally preferred to live in total ignorance of how much running at altitude was going to suck. As we watched the sun set behind the mountains we thought "Why do we live in Iowa?" We headed to downtown Boulder to find some dinner. Man, the food was good. In Ames there are maybe two interesting restaurants... I don't think Iowans are reknowned for being culinary adventurers (my roommate always orders chicken fingers and french fries when she goes out to eat).

Anyways, on the ped mall in Boulder, there is a statue of a runner with a really pained look on his face. We hoped we didn't look that miserable when we started running...
Next up: How terrorists fucked everything up.

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