Thursday, August 23, 2007

Race Play-by-Play

Nisha, Al, and I (the non-locals) flew into Minneapolis from NYC, Chicago, and Boston respectively. We rented a car and drove to La Crosse, Wisconsin, where we're waiting for our other 7 teammates to arrive from Ames, Iowa. Personally, I was thrilled to see Nisha when I got to the car rental office. On the plane I had one small moment of anxiety where I thought-what if this is all a joke? I basically boarded a plane to the midwest without "knowing" IRL (in real life) any of the nine other people. :) But I trusted! And they do exist! And they are all exactly who they said they are (the correct ages, genders, they match their pictures, etc., and not non-running people waiting to kidnap me!)

Nisha and I have also been fielding the following question from people in our respective cities:


On my end, I'm not really sure. I honestly just feel compelled. Though I've never done it before, it feels normal to me to be a part of a 198 mile relay race.

And we haven't seen any flooding yet...

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