Saturday, September 05, 2009

WWR: I should probably finish this race report up

So it's only been a month since the race and I'm still not done. I'm blaming the diss. It sucks all the will to write out of you. Except for now, when I am trying to procrastinate. But I'm going to keep this short, since... well... I can't remember much anymore.

When we last left our heroes, they had taken a shower and slept three hours.

We got up earlyish, and drove to Exchange 30 to wait for Van 1. We passed Van 1 on Ryan's last leg - Lauren had a keen eye for the stars tattooed on his calf. After wildly speculating as to whether each star had any significance, we continued on our way.

Kelsey had a rough leg, but ran it in to Shaun. Shaun climbed again to the top of Rabbit Ears. He was pretty beat at the top and handed off to me for an "easy" leg. Easy my ass. The leg started at about 9,500 feet above sea level and had like a 200 foot climb. I admit it was mostly rolling, but I was still beat. I passed off to Jamie, who at this point was still hooting and hollering. He had a great leg and then passed off Brady, who had to descend like 2000 feet in five miles. At 23, Brady wasn't the youngest on the team, but he had the youngest knees in our van. He passed off to Dede as the weather started getting pretty warm. Lauren was anchor and ran us in and we crossed the finish as one big happy family in about 33 hours.

Needless to say, we didn't hang around for the awards ceremony. The other three Flatlander teams were all men's teams. One was sponsored by Garmin. Yeah, team BOMIAS wasn't bringing home any bling this year...

We headed back the hotel where I was sad to learn that the bar no longer accepted the 50% off coupon that I get because my sister works there. Booo! Jamie bet The Worn Soles that we would beat them (we yoyoed with them the whole way, but they started a half hour after us). We got ahead in the last set of legs, but not a half hour ahead. So we enjoyed happy hour with their team at the hotel. They were fun people.

Then we went out for Mexican and I may or may not have had two margaritas and may or may not have molested Benjamin Franklin.


Al Dimond said...

You went after Benjamin Franklin? My dad is not going to be happy with this (he has a bit of a mancrush on Ben, to the extent that the main thing that gives him second thoughts about being an atheist/freethinker is that Ben was not, and Ben was right about OMG LIEK EVERYTHING).

frog said...

And some of us may or may not have behaved like frat scum in the hotel van that took us to and from the Mexican restaurant...


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

When we last left our heroes, they had taken a shower and slept three hours.

I actually see you guys more as anti-heroes.

Or villains.

Wow. You put quite the smile on Ben's kisser, there. You must be real good at whatever it was you did to him, which, if that pic's to be believed, involved chaining him up a little.

You MUST be the phreakiest girl in Iowa. Which, yeah, probably isn't that difficult, but still ... you win bling there.