Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm pretty sure my OCD a$$ is not going to like this...

So I got my new orthotics yesterday. As instructed, I wore them for a couple of hours yesterday. Today I am wearing them to work, but I am mostly sitting down all day.

So yeah, this is what arch support feels like I guess. Okay so here is the thing that is going to drive me crazy. My right orthotic feels like it is pushing into my foot more than my left one. I could deal if they both pushed hard, but the fact they are different is irking me. Of course my feet are different, which is probably why the orthotics feel different on each foot, but I also can't bear to be in a room with a stack of DVDs that aren't lined up neatly (I have problems, I know).

Oh yeah also? My knees aren't loving this yet. I guess I roll in a lot so the orthotics are supposed to keep me from doing that but they are screaming "Hey! I go that way!" I guess that is why I have to slowly start wearing them.

But in my head, I keep thinking these orthotics are magical and that not only will they cure my PF, my achy hamstring, and my weak left hip, that they might also get rid of the big zit I have right now and possibly balance my check book while they are at it.

Leapfrog Half-Marathon this Saturday! This is going to hurt.

Then the Great Ames Adventure Race the Sunday after that! Kori and I are actually switching to a relay team, so my job is just going to be to ride Aqua Velva into glory. I'm actually pretty excited because I have never raced my bike without a run looming on the horizon. And I know this course well. Can I average the elusive 20 mph? We'll see! It's a little shorter than Chisago (where I posted a 19 mph avg) but hillier.

In other news, I indeed was seated at my friend's wedding with my parents and two other older couples. My dad and I spent the night seeing who could outdrink the other. Who knew that the source of my teenage angst and I would find such common ground?

In other other news, there is nothing like writing a proposal (upon which all your fantasies depend) to make you realize how little you know. It's quite humbling. The folks in Mississippi keep e-mailing me though, so at least there is a backup plan. But can Mississippi compare to the land of this? I think not.


Fian said...

I totally understand why those orthodics are bugging you. I have a few OCD issues of my own. Let us know how they're working out a week from now ... don't give up on them! I'm dying to know whether they work miracles or not!

kt said...

Um, the PT in me says not sure it's a great idea to run your 13.1 miles in them this weekend so soon after you got them. I'm just sayin'... it's totally up to you but...