Monday, June 08, 2009

We're going to be so popular!

So yeah.

This whole trying to graduate thing kinda puts a damper on blogging.

But I'm alive.

I am still lumbering through 3-4 mile runs.

Getting ready for the Wild West Relay. We still need three runners or so, so if anyone in the blogosphere wants to run with us, let me know!

My defense has been set for 8/20, but there is a chance it won't happen that day due to field work. Unfortunately, this cold spell we've been having means that my lake is not staying stratified. No stratification = no internal waves = no research.

In other news, last night I watched Twister for the first time in a very long time, at least since I started grad school.

As someone whose research now requires her to mobilize a team quickly in response to weather, I found a whole new appreciation for the movie.

But my favorite line was at the end when they finally get their instrument to be sucked up into the tornado so that they can get the measurements they are trying to get. Everything comes together and they start getting one-of-a-kind data back from the sensors and it is making pretty plots on their computer and everyone is cheering and one of the nerdy grad students/lab techs exclaims:

"We're going to be so popular!"

So needless to say, the other grad students and I plan on exclaiming "We're going to be so popular!" every time we successfully collect data.


jeanne said...

i hate when my lake gets stratified.

i always cry at twister. the part with the dog gets me every time.

welcome back!

Lisa said...

that's funny!

I wasn't a scientist yet when I first saw Twister...I'll have to watch it again.

Wendy said...

Alive is good. Not stratified, not so much. I haven't seen Twister. Maybe I should rent it?

nwgdc said...

Get your priorities straight!
Grad school? Blogging!

Come on, I expect better of you.

frog said...

I am sure Hollywood will want to buy the movie rights to your dissertation. A dark, cold wave of fear lurks in the murky shadows of Stratified Lake...

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I say that every time someone leaves a comment on my blog.

But then it never happens.

And I'm left with this void inside that only lake stratification can fill.

I'm guessing.

P.S. Did you kill Joe so you could have more blog for yourself?

He was SO popular, being a computer nerd and all.

Dave said...

Hey Danielle...hows the team looking for the WWR? I plan on running for the big O team(all guys flatlander team from Omaha). I saw that 2 of the teams bailed so they could do helter skelter...hope you dont have to do that, we gotta have some competition to beat!

Danielle in Iowa said...

Hey Dave!

Thanks for visiting!

I'm scrambling right now to find runners - I hope we can find more flatlanders or we may have to run the regular division - boo!

I'm going to ask Paul if he'll put us in the same wave so we can exchange Iowa/Nebraska jokes for 200 miles :-)

Anonymous said...

No! Keep those mountain people off your team! :P Im worried we might have to start around noon...too many fast guys on this team. Of course, the altitude will bring us down to earth, pun intended.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Oh, well then we probably won't be any competition for you :-) Hopefully though we can stay in this division so we can still be team #1 - at least last time the first flatlander team alphabetically (us) got to be that number. So if we drop into a different category, then you probably get to be #1 :-)

peter said...

How did they get that cow up the tornado?