Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My butt is rebelling.

So I'm moving to Seattle in approximately two weeks.

I found a roommate in Fremont. That's near this here dude:

My roommate is also a civil engineer/hydrologist, but who apparently runs like 6 minute miles, based upon my internet stalking of her.

I found her on Craig's List, but because the world is way too small, it turns out she knows a friend of mine from the Peace Corps.

She has a kitty. His name is Beast.

I'll miss Lucky though:


In the meantime, I spend approximately 16 hours a day in my windowless office trying to get as much done of the diss as I can.

I was managing to get out to run or do weights 6/7 days a week.

All was good.

I was doing 11 and 12 mile long runs and my last 12 miler was a smidge under 10 minute pace.

Kori is doing the Fox Cities Marathon in Wisconsin this weekend, so a couple weeks ago, I signed up for the half. I have been running decently fast for me, so I totally had my eye on a PR for this race.

I was tapering.

All was good.

Then my long run on Saturday.

Eight miles. Easy peasy.

At Mile 6 I thought "Hmm, my pirioformus is sore."

At Mile 7 I thought "I don't know if I can run anymore."

I stopped and stretched and made it a quarter mile more before I started getting shooting pains all down my leg.

I decided to walk in the last 3/4 of a mile.

I got back to the car and could barely walk. I couldn't put any weight on my right leg. The rest of Saturday, I was immobile.

Sunday, it was a little better. A little better yet on Monday and Today.

But it is still a dull ache in my pirioformus. I'm afraid that if I try to run on it, the same thing will happen. The pirioformus gets inflamed and irritates the sciatic nerve, which causes the shooting pains.

Yeah, so apparently? Sitting at a computer for 16 hours a day is a mighty fine way to make your body rebel against you.

I hold out a small hope that by Friday, if I don't run, that it will stop hurting.

But seriously, how sucky of a friend would I be to go to WI to support Kori and two others running the marathon and then after the race THEY need to take care of ME because I can't walk because of ths stupid sciatica.



Jenny Davidson said...

Ugh! Good luck getting rid of the problem - and finishing your diss!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Oh no!

So very sorry to see this happen to you. :( I'm hoping its going to heal up if you can rest a bit.

I just had marathon collapse from an injury, and I'm hoping this is only a temporary glitch in your plans.

Thinking good thoughts for you.

Lisa said...


I'll tell you what I told my mom last week: "Remember that those are insanely long distances you are running regularly, and sometimes your body is just going to say No."

still sucks though. BUT great on the roommate thing and the 'hood; that troll is cool!

Wendy said...

I'd miss the pup, too, except when using the crockpot. ;-)

As I know the "Hey, waitaminnit, I can't weight bear (I wonder how I can get to the pool) ..." feeling only too well, I can truly say it SUCKS. Feel better fast! (Enlist a sports centred physiotherapist if you can.)

BrianFlash said...

"Hmm, my pirioformus is sore."

I'm 100% sure I've never had this thought. Not because it didn't ever hurt but because I have no idea what my pirioformus is!

Just rest it up and act like you are going to run on the weekend. You can always chose not to start if that's what has to happen.

nwgdc said...

1. Check out Active Release Technique. I have a bunch of runners and non-runners with Piriformis issues that ART helps when other stuff hadn't worked.

2. Be on the look out for a guy in a BRIGHT yellow "NF" jersey! And then, when you see him, yell "GO NIC!!!" I'm hoping for a sub-3 hour finish.

Get healthy!!!

Brent Buckner said...


Great work grinding out the diss though!

Rainmaker said...

Fremont ehh?

That fits you though, quite well.

Just down near the troll is a great running path that goes for about 50 miles. And you'll also be near Discovery Beach, some great trails in that area too.

April said...

Whoa, thats the story of my last 2 weeks only its my groin muscle. Feeling your pain. Hope you are up in running in no time.