Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I heart packages!

First, I am going to mention that by the looks of Joe's album, it appears as if Van 2 didn't even exist. That was my van. I warned everyone that I never take pictures...

So this is peripherally related to running, because my daily commute on my bike is cross-training, right? Anyways, I am so excited about this I had to share. I have a beast of a laptop, 17" screen and all, that I got in January when I seemed to think that having that big of a laptop would be a great idea because I don't have a desktop. I also had these fantasies about how when I move to Switzerland and sell all my belongings, I will be able to watch movies on it as if it were a TV.

Anyways, I had to stop using my old messenger bag for the ride to school because the laptop was so big. For a while I was using my backpack that is appropriate for weekend camping trips because it was the only bag I had that was long/tall enough for the new laptop but backpacks lead to a very sweaty back, which is most definitely not hot. The biggest problem I have had is finding a messenger bag that is actually good for transporting a heavy laptop in comfort. I bought a Timbuk2 bag (but not the laptop specific one since it was like $120 for the one for my computer size). I don't like it at all. I was at the bike store one day and the bike store guy told me I should check out R.E.Load Bags.

These people are awesome. They hand make all the bags exactly to your specifications. So I gave them dimensions, picked out colors, and for a little extra, they will do a custom design on the bag. Since this is the only item in my life that I use every single day, I splurged. I sent them this photo:
This picture is of lab experiments on Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities, which are my favoritest fluid dynamics phenomena ever because it looks awesome and it actually happens in nature. From that, they produced this (which I just got in the mail today):I have never been so excited to ride my bike to school!


Lisa said...

D, that is totally wicked! Rock!

Shaun said...

That is cool!! I give it the Stoner stamp of approval! ;)