Friday, November 10, 2006

Reason #42 to hate swimming: Indecent exposure

So I finally got my butt in the pool today. I actually don't mind swimming once I am in the pool. Today, I was given several outs once I jumped in. First my contact fell out. But I pressed on and swam with blurry vision.

Then, disaster.

A little background info. I'm "pear-shaped," so to speak. That means that bathing suits (and dresses for that matter) never quite fit me right. They are inevitably loose up top. After I accidentally put my bathing suit in the wash and ruined it, I had to buy a new one. I looked all over for the same one to no avail. So I bought one on sale from Speedo. It mostly fit well, but still a little loose up top.

Today I wore it for the first time. I warmed up. I did some drills. Then I was merrily doing 200s (well actually 184s since the pool is only 23 yds).

And totally inadvertently exposed myself to the 16 year old boy in the lane next to me.

My hope is that since he didn't have goggles on that he didn't notice.

Now Slacker Danielle would have said "That's it! I'm out of here!" But I took off my swim cap and took out one of my pony tail holders and used it to tie around the straps in the back to make them tighter and finished out the 1500 yds I had intended to do.

She flashes a minor and still finishes up her workout. I call that dedication. Now if only I would get in the stupid pool more than once every two weeks.

In more excitement, we got a freak snowstorm today. Of course I left my bike outside. I'm not gonna lie. I can't wait for a more substantial dumping so I can whip out the cross-country skis and snowshoes. Best cross-training ever!


Audrey said...

You are hard core!!! I like your McGyver use of a hair tie.

I too have had a bathing suit emergency. I did my first tri in clothes I hadn't practiced in. It turned out the sports bra I was wearing afforded....well...NO coverage. But I had to carry on. It was a pool swim. 12 laps of no coverage in a pool filled with triathletes who were definitely wearing goggles...

Oh well, lesson learned :) And I am so excited to embrace winter sports this year. I've been in New England 2 years and haven't done it yet, but THIS IS THE YEAR for both of the activities you mentioned!! ENJOY!

Danielle said...

Oh my god. I think I would have cried if that happened during a race. Note to self: Practice in clothes you intend to compete in.

Laurie said...

That is painfully funny. I could have a mishap in my pool and no one would be there to see it. Nice job sticking it out. I would have gone home.

Lisa said...

way to stick it out! And you can always channel the embarrassment into swimming harder.

Also, I bet the boys is thinking about nothing but boobies all day long now.

Kori said...

Once I dove into the pool and the lovely push up pads in my swimsuit that are supposed to make it appear as if I have boobies came dislodged and floated around the pool. The boy I liked found one and returned it to me laughing hysterically. Ah - those were the days.