Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I miss running :-(

So I came back to my office at 9pm so that I could work on my journal article (that is part of the "Before I turn 30 goals") and here I am writing a blog post instead. Sigh. The procrastination is strong with this one.

Okay, it has only been 10 days that I have been in my self-imposed exile from running. But it's been so sad. There are all sorts of fun races going on this time of year, that I have had to skip the last couple of years because I always seem to be injured about now. The worst is that the hamstring is not debilitating, it just nags. But it has been nagging for 6 months now, so I need to stop and let it heal if I want to train for another marathon in May. Boo, hamstring!

So now the cross training begins in earnest. It has been all about the bike so far - two spinning classes a week plus two days a week on the bikes at the gym. I should really be riding my real bike outside while the weather is still okay, but the parents didn't come through on a new bike seat for my birthday, so the thought of taking her out for a long ride is just not fun. (The parents got me a really nice quilt instead, which I do love, but unfortunately it is a little too bulky to put on my bike seat for cushioning). That and my tailbone is *still* sore. I can't talk to the doctor again until I actually follow their advice of icing my ass routinely for an entire weekend. My massage therapist suggested putting a bag of frozen peas down there. I am not sure I have a bag that I would like to sacrifice as "butt peas."

Random way to end this: On Saturday night at a Halloween party, I spent five minutes talking with someone from my running group before either of us realized that we already knew each other. Sometimes the transition between "person in running clothes" to "person in real clothes" makes recognition difficult out in the real world. Add the next step of "person in costume" and it was just hopeless. And neither of us had our faces covered up. Nor were either of us drunk.

Immediately prior to this conversation, someone standing next to him asked me to spread my wings (I was a bat) and I lifted my arms to do so and dumped most of my drink on my head. I am glad someone I knew was around to have that moment immortalized.


Lisa said...

man, I hearya. My running exile lasted 2 weeks and then I broke. I've been running half-assedly bc my knee is still hurting and it's effing cold outside, but hey, isn't it great to have running as an addiction?

man, too much school has ruined my grammar.

Laurie said...

You crack me up. Spilling a drink on your own head, that is too much!