Monday, December 03, 2007

Running? What's that?

So after running five days in a row over Thanksgiving break, I have managed to go 7 days without running. I am not quite sure how that happened. Oh yeah, it went something like:

M: Worked from 9am until 7am the next morning on a presentation for 11am Tuesday.

T: I just pulled an allnighter! Do you really expect me to run?!

W: Slept in and had good intentions to run, but then got sucked into doing political stuff in the afternoon and evening.

R: Hungover (I get paid for my political activities with beer).

F: I had to get some work done that week! And then I surprisingly had multiple plans to juggle on friday night.

S: Spa day. This resulted in Danielle having straight hair. Which means she can't sweat for at least another day because it took three stylists with flat irons to get this done in a reasonable amount of time.

S: See Saturday. Plus it was cold and icy out! Shhh - nevermind the fact I have a gym membership where I can run inside...

Plus, bonus excuse: my hamstring is starting to act up again in addition to the plantar fasciitis. My pirioformus and IT bands are sore. These are all signs of bad things to come.

Today I have a lot of stuff to do, so I don't think running is going to happen again.

I will be well rested for my 8 mile trail race on Saturday!

I can't believe I have to do a half marathon in January! And solo since Joe got stomped on in soccer and hurt his ankle and isn't back running again. But since he already bought plane tickets, we're going to Phoenix no matter what!

As an added bonus, I am supposed to have my dissertation proposal written by the day after the half-mary. Have I really started? Uh, no. Yay for procrastination!


Audrey said...

YOU GO DANIELLE!! Your life is way full. In a wonderful way. Pics of straight hair??

Laurie said...

Busy busy bee. You're the only one who has to be comfortable with your reasons. I buy them.

I'm planning on going to see John Edwards tomorrow. See you there!

kt said...

Wow! You are one busy girl!

Love the thought of spa day. I did get my hair cut on Saturday and ended up with some long bangs, who would have thought!?

P.O.M. said...

I have a half in Feb and haven't started running. At. All. I keep thinking I will soon. Not good.

Running In Oz said...

Sounds like a lot of tapering in preparation for an 8-miler.... Actually, I can relate to the hectic pace of life interfering with running. Hang in there. Have fun with your Saturday trail race.