Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tris? Whatever. Try a quad...

So after listening to Audrey recap her showshoe race, I was reminded of this race that I read about, the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon. So the little gears started turning in my brain and I thought "Hmmm, I bike, run, and ski, but I only snowshoe recreationally... Wait, Audrey runs much faster than me and now is a showshoe racer..."

So I IMed Audrey and because she is as certifiable as me, we decided we are totally going to do this in February 2009 (next month is a little too soon). Just to sum it up:

13 mile bike (1800 ft elevation gain)
5 mile run (1200 ft)
2 mile ski (1200 ft)
1 mile snowshoe (600 ft)

And then you turn around and do the whole thing in reverse...

Oh yeah, and it is at elevation - topping off at over 11,000 feet, so there will be no oxygen.

So I am going to bike and ski and Audrey is going to run and snowshoe. There will be just a leetle bit of hill training involved... And I will have to get some trekking skis, as mine wouldn't cut it probably. Not that I am opposed to getting trekking skis. Especially since, by then, the University of Wyoming will have given me the job that I just applied for there and I will have good reason to buy another pair of skis.

And in another perk, our average age will be 29.5, and there weren't any women's pair teams in the 20-29 age group last year. I am not below bringing home the bling by being the only team in our age group :-)

Anyway, we thought it would be fun if we could gather up a group of several crazy people to go out and do it too. Right now, I have recruited Joe as our sherpa. I sexually discriminated and wouldn't let him on our team so that we could rock the chick power. But I am sure he would do it as part of a team. So good times people! Let us know if you want to up your badass cred with us! It's really far away I know, but time flies!


Audrey said...

You know how I told you I was going to bed immediately b/c I was exhausted b/c I've been up since 5 AM? Well, I can't sleep b/c I am thinking about this race!!


You forgot to mention why you are such a good teammate for me-b/c you're a stronger biker then me and you cross-country ski-and i can't ski at all! It's a match made in quad heaven.

Hmmm..I hope they don't round our combined age up :)

Bring the pain!!! And everyone else come play!!!

And apparently you weren't deterred by the fact that I wanted to throw up during my race today! What a teammate!

We're so money in 2009.

Rainmaker said...

You already have a onsite support team lined up? That's fairly impressive. Next thing ya know you'll have people polishing your bikes and snowshoes in the transition areas.

Megan said...

Oh how fun! Sounds too tough for me - I am not much of a fan of the hills!

Duane said...

Happy New Year!

Steve Stenzel said...


Spandex King said...

From Iowa to 11,000 feet!! Not for me. Good Luck and Happy New Year!!

blink140pnt6 said...

I'd sure like to up my bad ass cred doing that, sounds like fun.

Unfortunately for me I have already got my bad assedness booked up for Feb.


Fian said...

You are such a superstar. I can't wait to hear how the training goes ... and then to learn how you do in the high altitude! At least you'll be away from that pesky thick air ... ;)