Sunday, February 10, 2008


It is -2 with a -24 wind chill.

Perfect morning for sitting with a pot of tea and goofing off on the after sleeping in until 10:30. Which I can do relatively guilt free as I handed in my never-ending proposal on friday, woohoo! I am sure none of my committee will read it, but almost all of it can be transferred directly into my dissertation merely by changing the future tense ("I will do this") to the past tense ("I did this"). Of course after all the effort of coordinating 6 people's schedules for my oral exams, I sent out my proposal and one of them e-mails me back that he can't come at that time due to a family emergency. So it is now rescheduled for February 29th. An extra week to study (for better or worse), but I also have to run the oceanography part of the Iowa Science Olympiad the next day and the day after that I leave for Florida for an oceanography conference. Yes, I live in Iowa and I am a pseudo-oceanographer. Lakes and the ocean are all the same!

Anyway, I woke up this morning supersore.

Probably from skiing friday night, then doing a 4 mile run followed by two hours on the trainer yesterday morning.

Skiing was fabulous - I love that we are getting even more snow tomorrow.

But snow = crappy running since shoveling the sidewalk does not appear to be high on people's priority list. But that still doesn't justify my 11-minute miles! Gees! After my run yesterday, I conceded that I have been slacking on the run. Especially since I count skiing as running. So my resolution was to try and get in a short run outside in the mornings before I head to school. My first attempt today is stymied by the fact that it is ridiculously cold. I am pretty much a wuss.

After running, I went to the ISU tri club's saturday morning movie spin. I was only going to do 1:40, but I got caught up in the movie (Without Limits) and felt like a slacker if I left early (although other people did). So I ended up at 31 miles in 1:55. That is almost a half an hour longer than my last ride with Chrissy. I decided that sports movies are perfect since they always start to play good music during the critical competition scenes and it makes me want to work harder. If Prefontaine can dig in and run insanely, well I guess I can sprint for a minute instead of thirty seconds :-)

But I think Jared Leto is cuter than Billy Crudup as Pre. Even with the pornstache. But I think that is deeply embedded from the My So-Called Life days. Sigh, Jordan Catalano.

The day was finished up with dinner at the bestest restaurant in town with Laurie, where I ordered a burger(!) to start to remedy the iron problem and a cucumber martini as a vegetable all finished off with cheesecake (yum!), the remnants of which I ate for breakfast this morning. Even though the box accidentally fell on the ground as I was trying to get in my house and the cheesecake landed upside down on the ground. I firmly declare that the whipped cream made an impenetrable barrier between the ground and the cheesecake, thus the only required step was to remove the whipped cream before it was edible again. If you think that's gross, well I just think you are jealous that you didn't have cheesecake for breakfast :-)


Wendy said...

Tense changing = brilliant!

Whipped cream rule > 5 second rule!

Cheesecake for breakfast = dairy serving. (Although it is *remotely* possible I am justifying the cheesecake because a date square was half of my breakfast and I need to justify that, too.)

Jenny Davidson said...

Congratulations on the proposal! (Hmmm, don't want to throw a damper on the notion, but in my experience the tense-changed after-the-fact bit always then stands out as having been written before the rest of it, sometimes it's easier just to write a new bit than try to Frankensteinishly hodgepodge 'em together...)

The cheesecake sounds delicious... good value for money to have the other half for breakfast!

P.O.M. said...

I loved Jordan Catalano. What happened to him? I just don't get the black eye-liner emo bull$hit.

Laurie said...

I dropped my cheesecake too! Though it stayed in the box. Must have been that slippery take out container.

Audrey said...

YOU HANDED IT IN?!?!?!?!?!?



congratulations. now you can find your wyoming cowboy :)

again, big news! congrats! and relax (like it sounds like you are having no problem doing :)

Tea said...

cheesecake and coffee....there is nothing better in life....except maybe turning in your proposal! woo hoo!

Rainmaker said...

-24 with windchill? That's hardcore. I think whipped cream actually freezes upon impact at that temperature. But I'd have to have you make me a cheesecake so I can validate.

Lisa said...

I totally could not concentrate on your post because of the hotness in it.

haha, everyone in our half-generation (those born pre-1980 but not really in generation X) will always have a thing for jordan catalano.

Bigun said...

I don't know, whipped cream has a 0 second rule as do all soft foods. but it does have a barrier effect...a little scrapege, and I'm sure you'll only be sick for a day or two. but I'll bet it was goooooood for breakfast!

blink140pnt6 said...

Desserts are always better for breakfast.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh that's hysterical about the cheesecake. And completely understandable. When I drop MnM's on the floor, I wipe them on my pants and no one is the wiser.

But you sound like you've been busy over there. Nice training!