Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Do I really have to start running again?

So September?

Sorta sucked.

I was probably out of town for half the month.

And I have always been really crappy and getting my runs in when I am out of town. The shoes always come with, but they aren't often used.

I haven't run since Philly, and September included a total of three runs, if you include my two two-mile sufferfests in the oxygenless air near Lake Tahoe.

How come it is so hard to start up again? I'm good at being pretty consistent once I'm going, but once things fall apart then it's the end. You would think my body would crave exercise or something, but it sort of thinks "Hey, this not doing anything is sorta nice!"

This is also added to the stress that I won't be able to get my research done:
Do you see all that orange over the last day or so? That is a very bad thing. That means it really is fall and my lake is getting ready to turnover. And once it turns over, it is all the same temperature and then I can't get the awesome internal waves I need (you can see them on 9/29, which is a storm we couldn't sample after because it happened in the middle of the night).

Anyway, can you believe it is October? I can't! It can't be! I turn 31 this month! 31! I was back in Champaign last weekend and talking to my old officemate who I started grad school with 6 years ago and we both laughed at how we thought we might have our PhDs before we were 30. What youthful naivete!

I don't have to travel again until I go home for Christmas, so I am actually looking forward to getting back into a running routine.


I am going to blame my roommate.

She usually sleeps until at least 8am, but recently she has been getting up early, so the little ball of warm cuddly snuggly fluffiness comes up to my room and wiggles under the covers to lie next to me and then it is so hard to get out of bed. Especially now that it is cool in the mornings. Could you kick this out of your bed?


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

31?! Pffftt!! I have pimples on my [insert Embarrassing Body Part] older than you.

Not that I'm comparing you to a pimply [Embarrassing Body Part].

And you have a long way to go to catch up to me in lack of accomplishment. I'm 48, so I've had way more time in which to not get things done. So EAT MY DUST!!

I'm sure you'll get those runs in again soon. When you do, remember:


(Vote for me and Sarah P. this November!)

Frayed Laces said...

I used the think I could get my PhD by 30....


Wendy said...

No, I couldn't kick that out of bed! (What I used to do when my ole pal George got older and not so interested in getting up as soon as the sun did was get out of bed and leave him there!)

Anonymous said...

Puppy is so cute.
And, happy birthday month!

Audrey said...

Yes, you have to run so that you can do IM NZ. Hope you are well and you are SOOO ALMOST DONE KICKING THIS PHDs AS*!

MissAllycat said...

Oh. My. Sweet. Cuddly. Awesomeness. :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Happy Birthday Month!

I can't run out of town either. Better luck this month!!

Rainmaker said...

That little chart is fascinating - just because I'm a geek like that. But I find data and stuff like that interesting.

lauren said...

i have the same cuddly warmth problem in the morning. and i have 2... one on either side. many mornings i have rationalized not getting up to run with, "well, i don't want to move the dogs."

Nitmos said...

Is that a Bichon? My parents have one. I'm sorry, but if it is anything like my parents', I could kick it out of bed....and down the block. I'm sure yours is very nice though. ;)

Meg said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! That doggie is very cute! I have the opposite problem, where my cat wakes up at 5am every morning and decides it's time for me to wake up too, so she stands on my chest and puts her whiskers in my face.

Manager Mom said...

Good warning. I run 30-35 miles per week and had considered getting a dog to run WITH. I never thought it could be a happy de-motivator. :-)

jeanne said...

i could get my ph.d. by dog years.

that is One. Cute. Dog!!! I don't even like dogs! I'm freezing! i want that dog in my bed.

Running. Please. don't start with me.

Borsch said...

I'd kick it out of pets in the bed for me. :-)

Enjoy getting back in a routine!

blink said...