Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She emerges from the sea, windburned and pudgier than before...

It seems like I can't leave anything to Joe.

Can he post once in the month I was gone?

Nooo. He is too involved with "healing" and shit.

Whatever man.

Anyway, I'm on land! Of course, this morning I swear my luxury king sized bed was moving up and down. In fact I am pretty sure I might be swaying still. No, I KNOW I am still swaying. The big question is whether or not I am swaying so obviously that people think I am crazy.

So now we summarize the month in bullet points:

  1. The herp is gone! And I am pretty sure I didn't infect anyone.

  2. Being the only girl was actually barely noticeable. And I am pretty amazed that the bathrooms stayed as clean as they did. Because seriously, moving target!

  3. And unlike when I spent all day working with only men in my two jobs before grad school, I didn't have to spend the day being hit on and/or listening to stories about visits to the strip club.

  4. Unfortunately, I did not get my own room but instead shared with the other postdoc (who may or may not have been a boy with a cute accent). But we were on opposite 12 hour watches, so we actually barely saw each other.

  5. We saw (in no particular order): orcas, humpbacks, gray whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters, and dolphins. Orcas kinda are the assholes of the ocean world though (as we all know from watching the Planet Earth series on PBS). About a mile away from us a pod took down a baby gray whale while its mom stood by helpless. And apparently they just eat the tongue.

  6. My favorite part was running one of the instruments off the back of the boat because half the time seals or sea lions would hang out flipping around and just generally being cute. To all the jaded west coasters they were like "Argh! They'll bite the line!" To me, I just think "Aw, cutest menace to science EVAR!"

  7. My least favorite part was running one of the instruments off the back of the boat because half the time it was at night and the swell was huge and I swore there would be a headline "Iowa girl falls overboard chasing science."

  8. There was bacon EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm only human. Oh and homemade desserts. And candy bars. My willpower was not sufficient.

  9. Except for fried food - I skipped many a lunch because I couldn't even go near the galley. It would be useful if this disgust of fried food would stay on now that I am on land, but I am pretty sure that won't happen.

  10. There was no exercise the entire time. The boat was too small for running.

  11. On the plus side, it probably means my calf has atrophied healed!
Okay, now I have three months to run my way back into shape for the Wild West Relay!


Wendy said...

Welcome back Danielle!!

Brent Buckner said...

Welcome back. Hearty and healed!

Yes, good thing you didn't get the headline "Iowa girl falls overboard chasing science". If you just ended up playing with seals and sea lions and then being fished out it wouldn't make the news. Only the bad scenarios would make the news... (c.f. _Orca_ - a post-_Jaws_ film)

MissAllycat said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to the WWR. :)

Audrey said...

hi!!!! welcome back!!! geez, what a crazy once in a lifetime adventure!!!! (or maybe that's normal for your field...lawyers don't really do anything fun so it's hard for me to fathom :)

Lisa said...

you are now a weathered sea person! I think that's awesome. And I so envy your seeing all those whales.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Somebody still lives here at this blog?

I was just about to claim squatter's rights!

[grudgingly] Welcome back ... I guess ...[/grudgingly]

And apparently they just eat the tongue.This makes the Japanese the Native Americans of the sea, because don't they use all parts of the whale?

I know ... Not funny. It is very sad. especially since, till now, I didn't even know there WAS an @$$hole species of the ocean.

Glad you're all healed/atrophied up. Good luck with the training, sister!

Xenia said...


#6--Awesome! I would think the same thing.

Welcome back, Dr. Scientist Lady! :)

Nitmos said...

Welcome back. Who eats something - anything - just for the tongue? The Orca's are a bunch of a-holes.

Now get out running.

Rainmaker said...

Wow, sounds like a pretty cool adventure though!

Danielle in Iowa said...

Wendy - thanks!

Brent - Yeah, you are kinda right. And the boat was only going one knot. If I fell overboard, I totally should have been able to catch it.

Ms A - Me too! I think there might be another oceanographer on board too (hardy har, I'm so punny). We will amuse the landlubbers with our tales of the sea.

Audrey - Speaking of fathom, I finally learned that a fathom is 6 feet. The more you know.

Lisa - you just need to stop denying your true oceanographer self.

GQH and Nitmos - I strongly suggest you watch the orca scene in Planet Earth. A painfully long stretch of an orca tossing a seal up in the air over and over again, just for kicks. @ssholes!

X - not Dr. yet! Don't jinx it!

R - it was!

nwgdc said...

Welcome back!
Orcas put me in a pissed-off mood. Now I'm pissed off. Great.
Welcome back, buzzkill.

BrianFlash said...

I think almost everyone needs to take a month off each year to let the legs bounce back. This was a great excuse for that month off!

M said...

holy shit - its already been a month?!?!

welcome back!!!!

jeanne said...

(i read this before but forgot to comment!)

#1 yay!

#4 yay!

see wasn't that worth waiting for??

Who knew about the orcas?

welcome back!

Kori said...

I just love that you referred to yourself as "iowa girl". I think that's a heap of progress!!!!!