Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dear DC, I owe you an aplogy.

Dear DC,

I know last time we spoke, I may have maligned you and suggested that I might have possibly gotten the herp from having to drink water from the same jugs as 8000 other runners, without cups.

But apparently, *I* am the one who brought the herp to DC.

Yes sir.

I have am having a bout of herpes zoster.

Or as known to most of the world: Shingles.

I was just getting the beginnings of an itchy spot on my back right before I went to DC.

The good news is that Shingles isn't contagious, so you don't have to worry too much.

Unless you haven't had chicken pox yet, in which case, I am sorry.

I'm blaming the Scottish dude since stress can wake up one's dormant chicken pox virus.

On the plus side, since it has now been confirmed that I will be the only girl on this boat, there will be no pregnant women around for me to infect in especially bad ways.

Anyway DC, I'm sorry for implying that you might possibly be a dirty ho, when really that ho is me.

From Iowa with love (and herpes),


Wendy said...

Oh Danielle! Hopefully you got some nice anti-virals into you ASAP. (Says the aberration who gets them on a semi-regular basis.)

sherri said...

HAHA! you have the herp! i'm glad you're not contagious and can't give it to all those seamen!

Jenny Davidson said...

Ugh! Hope you feel better soon...

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

For poxy warning adverts, Danielle is on the poster
Cos she somehow just went and caught herself the herpes zoster

Man, you didn't even get Teh Pox one of the many fun ways!

Don't bother apologizing to DC - I'm sure it gave somebody syphilis or the clap or anal warts or something that weekend, because DC is a whoo-wer.

Get well quick, Sister!

nwgdc said...

I had shingles last summer on the side of my head. It sucked, big time. It came on after being on antibiotics for 3 weeks due to shingles. That sucked too. Thank Heavens for drugs!
I'm sorry to hear about it, but get better soon!

Danielle said...

Hey, does bringing herpes to DC make me the herp perp?

Audrey said...

:( i'm sorry danielle. i hope you feel okay.

have fun on your boat with the sea scientist dudes!

Rainmaker said...

It's all evens out.

Good luck on the boat!

Laurie said...

Awwww man that sucks. I had shingles last year and it was no fun at all. I love how you always find some way to make horrible things funny!
Enjoy the sea! We will have to get together when you get back.

Lisa said...

Oh no!

But there's something so oddly old fashioned about you being on a boat and having shingles. Hopefully scurvy isn't next...

hope you get better!
(ps. you must read "The Swarm" - there's a character who's the only woman on a research vessel and she's also a runner.)

Lesser is More said...

How dare you blame us - the fine residents of Virginia! Next time, try to bring something more fun!

Nitmos said...


The thing is...DC would have gotten herpes from someone anyhow. If not you, then someone else.

Anonymous said...

I too have been suffering from this same brand of the herp. Crappy isn't it? Apparently all the cool kids are doing it...

Xenia said...

Yikes! Hope you feel better soon.

If it makes you feel better, while I was excavating in Italy, I got a giant cold sore on my lip. I walked into the pharmacy and just pointed to my lip and the pharmacist got me what I needed. I refused to say the italian word for cold sore--which is 'herpes'. Either way, I looked like a diseased American ho. Oy.

KimsRunning said...

Oh my gosh Danielle! Shingles are sooo painful! I hope you're feeling better soon!!!