Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy July 32nd!

I am in denial that it is August. It's not even possible. So I refuse to accept it.

So, in less than a week, team BOMIAS is off to the Wild West Relay!

No one on the team is injured.
Van and hotel reservations are made.
Awesome team shirts are ordered, courtesy of John:

Team number has been assigned: 3. Turns out that Paul gave #1 to the team that won last year, so Armed and Dangerous did not steal our number at the last minute. That seems fair. And it is probably good that we did not have to show them who's boss on the race course... Of the four Flatlander teams, we have the earliest start time - 6am - by several hours. Which probably means that we are by far the slowest Flatlander team. So sadly, our chances of bling are probably non-existent. Armed and Dangerous is next, with a 9:40 start time.

The bonus of the early start though is that, like last time, I expect we'll be one of the first teams to hit some of the exchanges, which means clean port-a-potties, w00t! Our team's average pace is 8.7 min/mile. If everyone actually runs what they say they run, then we'll actually be within minutes of hitting some of the exchanges after they open, which makes me a little nervous, but the hills and altitude will probably keep that from happening.

In other news, I had an excellent run this morning. I ran the first half with Megan from our MC200 team - then she left me in the dust. But I did 7.25 miles at 10:05 pace. My six mile runs up at the lake have been 30 seconds/mile slower than that! All those stupid hills! We have some hills in Ames, but nothing like Okoboji. The weather was beautiful and I felt like I was comfortably running the whole time without any heavy breathing.

In dissertation news, it is still not done. My goal is to make it to Seattle in time for this. I am totally doing the Brew Ha Ha 5k. AND THEY HAVE A SCAVENGER HUNT. I love Seattle and I don't even live there yet.


Wendy said...

LOVE the shirt graphics! You guys are going to have a blast.

(And the brew-ha-ha sounds lie a hoot!)

Lisa said...

yeah, LOVE the new logo!!

and good luck with the big bad!

peter said...

There are hills in IA (beyond the bluffs in Des Moines)? WooHoo, gonna win-place-or-show at your relay. Your dissertation--that's a scary place. Too close to my recurring nightmare when stress is around of finals coming up in one week and I haven't been to a single class since week one. And I've been out of school for 20 years. Calling Dr. Freud.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Welcome back, sister - and Good Luck!

I will be sure to defame you in future posts.

Rainmaker said...

Those shirts kick ass. Good luck next week!

Brent Buckner said...

That is a great shirt.

I will be thinking of it when I tackle the new _Ghostbusters_ game on wii.

Nitmos said...

Enjoy the relay. Get there fast so you can defile the porta potties first. It has to be done.

Anonymous said...


especially with the dissertating. ugh.

KimsRunning said...

Good luck!!! The shirts will look awesome, please take some pictures!!!!!!

Ps...LOL@ spinal tap

April said...

Totally digging the shirt!