Saturday, July 18, 2009

BOMIAS is overwhelming you with posts today

So Al reminded me we have a blog. Normally I would feel bad about posting right after him and burying his posts, but the sad reality is that anyone who used to bookmark this blog and look at it has long since jumped ship. Only our fair RSS readers (of which there are 54!) will actually see this. And since you can't really be buried in RSS world, I decided it was okay.

Because in all honesty, I was actually going to post today! I know you don't believe me. But I tell the truth.

I was going to post because I ran 6 miles, go me! It kinda sucked though. So six miles is my long run these days. I knocked it out at a 10:43 pace. I can run 3.5 miles at sub-10 minute pace, so I'm happy with that. So yeah... that is pretty much where my running stands right now.

The good news is that, as team captain, I get to assign myself short legs for the Wild West Relay. And in even better news, we actually have twelve people and I made an animal sacrifice to ensure that none get injured before the relay.

But in sad news, some KANSANS went and registered in the Flatlander division at the last minute under the name... Armed and Dangerous. Fucking Kansans. Don't they know that WE are Team Number 1? And they went and ruined it. Now we are Team Number 2. Don't worry Kansas, we're going to be all up in your ass on that course. What is it about Kansas? They were a problem last time too.

Also, there were only THREE teams in the Flatlander division before, which meant GUARANTEED BLING!!!! But now there are four. So we gotta take down at least one team.

In other Danielle in Iowa news - writing a dissertation sucks donkey balls.

And my stupid effing field work is GOING ALL WRONG and I am stuck at the field site still. And 12 hour field days and dissertation writing DON'T MIX.

So the defense has been pushed back. I'm starting to get stressed and mad and generally unhappy about all this. I'm on anti-virals to keep from getting the herp again, because it is trying its hardest to reappear. And the stupid pills have to be taken FIVE TIMES A DAY! Who remembers to do that shit?

Oh and did I mention the part about being on a boat for 12 hours a day when doing field work? Oh did I also mention how dehydrated I am, because I'm a girl. I'm on a lake. Where does one go to the bathroom? NOWHERE. So I just don't drink enough water.

Waaaah! All I want to do is move to Seattle.


KimsRunning said...

LOL...Danielle needs a vacation!!!
Good to hear from ya girl!

PS... Just pee in the water! LOL

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Good luck finding a way to put the "Pee' back in PhD.

On our way back from vacation a few weeks ago - true story - we were stuck in traffic on the NY Thruway (which itself is probably a redundant statement( and we saw a girl (20s maybe) get out of her car, trot to the side of the road, squat, drop trou and pee - we think. It MAY have been # 2, but I doubt it.

The kicker? That girl has TWO PhDs.

So what's YOUR problem?

Audrey said...

dude, drink some water, pee in the lake. it must be done. um, unless it would upset your test results...

you will be in seattle soon!!!

Rainmaker said...

I'm wiht Audrey...peeing in the water is fun anyways.

Al Dimond said...

I agree that peeing in the water is better than dehydration.

If these Kansans are truly "Armed and Dangerous", the tactics suggested in the linked post ("There are lots of secluded running areas to accidentally trip another runner...") might not be so wise; you might not want to take the chance that the role of executioner precedes that of judge and jury with these folk. Perhaps you can flex your sciencey muscles and use some crafty chemistry to sideline their runners!

peter said...

How do you really feel about how things are going? Don't hold it all in.

BrianFlash said...

The Team Flash Blog stuck with you while you were away...but it was a close call.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Well, I'm glad we didn't lose all our readers :-)

Danielle in Iowa said...

Oh yes... And in regards to peeing in the lake.

Apparently someone forgot to tell Northwest Iowa that it is summer. The majority of our field days, I am in pants and a heavy hooded sweatshirt that I keep the hood cinched around my head. The temps might be 70, but the wind is killer and you are always cold!

So we actually never go in the water from our boat. Ridiculous, huh?

Nitmos said...

Yes, yes, feel the anger. Let it wash over you. Your transformation is almost complete.

khonmanrak said...

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jeanne said...

you have some funny commenters! i hope things are better by now!

oh and that girl who dropped trou and peed by the side of the road?


but you knew that already.