Friday, May 28, 2010

Marathon Training Begins.

So this is Week 1 of my 18 week marathon training plan for Berlin, which I am right now signed up to run with Lisa and her mom.

The last time Lisa and I ran together was in Norway. Gosh, we look pretty gross in this picture. But anyway, that was a half-marathon. This will be her first marathon. Her mom and I are bad influences.

Anyway, Week 1 started after having the plague the week before. I ran a 5k on Sunday, in which I clocked a not-so-good 29:48. I signed up for a series of 5ks in the spring with the idea that I would use them to track my improvement. This was not an improvement over the last one in April. I guess I can blame being sick the week before, but on the other hand, I was well rested.

I already skimped out on one of my runs for the week. I ran three times, but I didn't do the 5 miler I was supposed to. But I also biked 4 times this week, including a really hilly ride in the neighborhoods in Ballard and down to the water. My legs were shot after 20 miles. I hope to God my triathlon isn't as hilly. I doubt it is as steep as we were winding through some pretty minor roads through residential areas. But who knows? I actually got off and walked on one hill, mostly because I was afraid I was going to tip over from going so slow.

My race is in a month!
And Seattle to Portland is in 6 weeks or so!

PS I have dropped the ball on relay recruitment. Right now I have a check from Lauren. The price goes up on June 15th, so I'd like to get at least 9 of us total on board before then! So if you want to run with us, let us know! We are doing the Spokane to Sandpoint relay on August 13-14. It will be good times!

PPS Al is moving to Seattle! Down at sea level, those Wyoming lungs will kick some ass I think. Al, you better sign up for a race or two real soon to take advantage!


Lisa said...

OMG I've done NOTHING this week, due to my incontinent nose. And every time the marathon fear overtakes me, I think, "This is all Danielle and my mom's fault."

Aka Alice said...

The Herd is thinking about doing the Red Rock Relay next year (2011). Ever heard of it? Know anything about it?

At the very least, the after party looks like a hoot!

Black Knight said...

The under 30 minutes in the first week is a good start. I am sure you will enjoy the Berlin marathon, there I ran the half. When a race in Rome?

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I've never been to Rome, so I'd love to run a race there! Lisa, get on finding a postdoc and/or conference in Rome.

Xenia said...

I've done sod all for the past week +. You're doing fabulously! :)

Also, I've run in Rome before. The marathon course is VERY scenic. I will run this one day. But beware the cobblestone streets. You're knees will take a beating.

Black Knight said...

Please let me know if Lisa needs a help to find something in Rome.

peter said...

How's the training for Berlin going? Those 5Ks will get you into shape, nothing wrong with a sub-30.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Berlin training is going slowly. I already missed one long run - doh! I'm going to try and not let that happen again!