Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Team BOMIAS is officially registered!

I sent in the money yesterday for the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay. Game on! I actually have 8 paying team members and some pretty solid maybes, so I'm not too worried about recruiting this year! That is honestly my biggest concern when being a team captain - as much as I love it when people offer to take on certain planning tasks, I get most excited when they recruit people as that is the hardest thing.

On that note, I'm officially nominating Maria as "Awesomest Recruiter Ever!" She brought in three other people besides herself, all atmospheric scientists, so totally in keeping with our team theme.

My only concern now is that we may end up in the men's category since we might not have 6 women. There are worse fates for sure, though.

Two months away!

In other news:

* I joined a kickball team for returned Peace Corps Volunteers. We lost our first game 17-0 last night. I generally suck at kickball, but apparently I'm the only one who knows anything about kickball, softball, or baseball. Like you don't run on a pop up. And that you can run past first base. And that shortstop is supposed to cover 2nd or 3rd if needed. Oh well, we drink beer after and that is all that matters.

* I've been biking my ass off. Every weekend the miles keep going up. I did a hilly 65 mile ride on sunday. I still hate the hills. But we decided to do 120 miles on the first day of Seattle to Portland so that we only have to ride 80 the next day. So put in the miles I must. My rear tire has flatted out within the last three miles of my ride the last two weekends. On Sunday I was 0.9 miles from the end. Boo!

* On a related note, I had scrapped the idea of doing a Half-IM this year, but when my weekends routinely consist of a long run and long ride, it seems dumb not to take advantage of it. Especially since the Troika is flat flat flat (and a point to point bike course that is downhill for much of the second half). I am doing a triathlon on the 26th, so we'll see how I feel after that!

* OMG I have a triathlon in 10 days! And I have been in the pool maybe 5 times. I am counting on the wetsuit to float me to a not pathetic finish. Speaking of which, I must go buy or rent a wetsuit and practice in it this week.

* Also, I have not used my tri bike yet this year because I do so much hilly riding and city riding and I'll do STP on my road bike. I am thinking that bringing it out for a race for the first time this season is not a good idea. Especially since it is a hilly course. But if I do the Troika Half-IM, Aquavelva will come out.

* Oh yeah, marathon training... Well I'm getting in three runs a week at least. My long runs are sloooow. But they are getting done. I have 11 on tap for the weekend. Also a 75 mile bike ride. See! This is why it seems dumb not to do the Half-IM!


Wendy said...

Go Team BOMAS! Can't wait for the race report!

(Also, beer = good, wetsuits = well, you know how I feel!)

Xenia said...

You were a Peace Corps volunteer? Where were you stationed? I have times when I wish I did that and more recent times when I'm stressed with my diss and I peruse their website. Just as a possible back up plan of sorts. Yeah right...

Good luck with the tri!

Black Knight said...

Go captain, led your team to the victory! About marathon, I think that you have to run not less than 4 times a week.
Good luck on the next triathlon.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Not less than 4 times a week! Well, I'm already failing at that!

Fermionicgirl said...

Congrats! Now, my team has another challenge for your's. We challenge you to Sinister 7 in July 2011! Check it out