Friday, December 23, 2011

Mysterious Pelvic Injuries

The area between my pelvis and right leg is hurting. A lot. It doesn't feel quite like the hip flexor, but it doesn't feel like my groin either. All I know is that I am limping all over the place. I ran less than 2 miles yesterday and it is one big hobble fest today.

In good news, I am trapped in the woods in Vermont and running from our house has two options: Up a big hill and then turn around and go down or Down a big hill and turn around and go up. So I don't love running here anyway. (So the hill doesn't look so bad in the photos, but it is uphill for miles and miles and miles without any true flats, so it wears on you. And add the snow.)

We have snow here at least! Yay for white Christmas! I hope you all have a good one, while I sit on the couch and have my mom bring me breakfast. I love my mom.


Black Knight said...

Happy "white" Christmas to you and your family.
I hope you get well soon and ... that uphill can wait, take your time and take care.
A big Christmas hug from italy.

Black Knight said...

...and now it's time to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Happy New Year.

In answer to your question on my blog about WI rationale...
I picked Thursday because I've always gone to Weight Watcher Meetings on Thursdays, since I was in 7th grade (no I haven't been going since 7th grade). But I always seem to have picked Thursday.
And I'm a creature of habit.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I think you're the victim of an incubus. One with really bad aim, though.

There. Mysterious pelvic pain explained. No charge.

Here in New Joisey, there was no white Xmas - we had trouble in December getting days with temps lower than the upper forties. I'm talking all month long. I blame anything but global warming because that's a liberal myth.