Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Next up? Adventure in Iowa! A mutual friend of mine and Kori's is helping to organize an adventure race in town, about a month away. Now, while I use the term "adventure" lightly, this is still 3 miles of paddling, 15 miles of biking, and a 5k run. Right now, Kori and I are planning on teaming up so we can canoe together. Then they average our bike and run times. This will all work out wonderfully since Kori is a better paddler and runner than me and I am a better biker than her.

Except that apparently Kori and I suck at paddling together. We rented a two person kayak the other day and we kept turning right the entire time. I blame it all on me - I had never even been in a kayak before. We are going to try out the canoe and see if paddling in a straight line doesn't elude us as much. Most of my recent canoeing experience involves twisty turny river in Florida where I am reknowned for running into trees, the shore, alligators, you name it. So I am hoping that nice flat water will be a cinch...

Soooo, we might end up relaying this baby, with my friend Steve in his kayak, me on the bike, and Kori on the run.

But I would feel much more badass if I did the whole thing...

In other news, 8k this weekend! Farthest I have run since October! Laurie is also doing this race. My plan is to work for a negative split. Good practice I say!


Lisa said...

wow that sounds so fun!

i've never been in a canoe either, but given my sad showing at puntin on the Cam a few years ago, I'd say I'm probably bad at it.

Phoenix said...

Don't quit on the paddling! You can so do it!

I've never been in a kayak but I do a lot of canoeing with hubby - I think the canoe will be easier to steer and much more stable. And there are no alligators in Iowa, so that's one less thing to worry about!