Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Displaying your Scienceness

I was talking with Danielle tonight on IM, and we were talking about nerdy clothing. For instance, Danielle has her recently acquired science shirt, and my favorite nerdy piece of clothing is pictured at right (though most of the stuff in ThinkGeek's science shirts is pretty awesome).

So, to all our scientist friends, what is your favorite piece of clothing that advertises your Scienceness?


Anonymous said...

I know, I know, I'm too cool for school (Blogging) these days but I want to play! Since I am not a science nerd I am going to share my new favorite law saying. Unfortunately, it first involves me explaining the 3rd amendment: the right not to have to let soldiers in your house.

On the front:

Support the 3rd Amendment!!

On the back:

Because sleeping with soldiers should be by choice.

That is all. Sorry it's not fun and sciency.


Joe said...

That's excellent. :)

I should have said something like "[your subject of nerdity here]-ness." So my mathness (and/or computerness), your lawness, Danielle's scienceness...

Coach Tammy said...

hehe... love it! I don't have a geeky shirt! I guess I better get one. :( OH, OH, I KNOW... Does TRI-geekiness count???

Picture: a swimmer, biker, and runner. Caption: How about a threesome?


Joe said...

Tammy: TRI-geekiness is ok (and that shirt sounds pretty awesome), but ideally you should have a shirt extolling your "day job" geekiness. :)

Coach Tammy said...

Um, that is my day job. I'm a coach! :D But of course, I am also a science-geek. I want Danielle's shirt!

Joe said...

I know there's a scientist in there, I read your blog. Posts like "Science-Geek Tuesday" and you're going to try to claim to not be one of us? ;)