Monday, April 03, 2006

And the water turned to blood (insert evil laugh here)

So my officemate Jenny had to read a book called that (minus the evil laugh) last semester. Granted it was about red algae, not well-meaning scientists who dumped a little too much dye into a river. Anyways, I ran only once last week because I was down in FL doing this to a poor unsuspecting National Scenic River. My advisor, who can't seem to suppress his musical abilities, actually wrote a whole song with piano music about the other FL river we have dumped Rhodamine dye in. One of the verses is fitting:

Some folks are hooked on crack.
In Iowa, it's methamphetamines.
My group's got a curse.
We're hooked on something worse.
We're hooked on injecting Rhodamine.

Lest you worry too much about the poor river, Rhodamine isn't toxic (hehe, although Pete challenged me to drink some), it mixes away, and besides the river gots its revenge in the form of ornery alligators. Do you see how small this river is? When an alligator sees us and plops into the water from its little beach, where do you think it goes? That's right! There is nowhere to go but under us. Also there were lots of trees down in the river from the hurricance so there were branches everywhere. I was sitting in front of the canoe and my legs are covered in bruises from where, to quote my canoeing partner Ryan, I "got bitch slapped by the Loxahatchee."

Oh some actual running content! That might be nice. On Saturday, we ran 13 miles. Well Kori and I ran 13, Kimberly and everyone else ran 14. I had run a total of 6 miles in the two weeks prior to this, so I was surprised I could even drag myself to 13 (and at a 10:13 pace). The good news was that while I felt my Achilles a bit in the middle 5-10 miles, in the last loop, my hip started hurting (which is why I stopped at 13), and that drowned out any Achilles pain. Yeah, whine whine whine. I think the hip was just a random thing though. Kori's knee didn't hurt the day after either, yay! Yesterday, Kori and I did a yoga class with Kecia (I can't figure out how we haven't convinced her to do this relay yet) and we all had to laugh at our pathetic inflexibility from running.

Next weekend is Loop the Lake in Des Moines (8K). Apparently we are tacking 10 miles on the end of that in DSM for a change of scenery. I think also we are signing up for the Drake Relays Half-Marathon at the end of April. Fun times if any of you Amesians want to join us!

What, me ramble? Never.

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