Sunday, April 29, 2007

Taper - that means not doing anything, right?

Less than a week until the tri!

And there are now 170 people registered. (I found out that they are spacing swimmers at 30 second intervals, so that is a pretty big head start those fast people get!)

And the weather forecast is 55/70, so I think I won't have to worry about it being too cold to bike/run while wet.

So this totally changes the dress code.

Last weekend, Kori and I did another run through - I changed out of my bathing suit and into my bike shorts (there is locker room access at the tri).

The good part was that I was nice and comfy and dry for the bike.

The bad part was that T1 took me just as long as the swim portion did - almost 8 minutes! Gees, putting on bike shorts on while wet is not easy.

So being able to skip all that and just go with the tri shorts will be good.

Soooo, I should probably swim in my tri shorts once to make sure it works out okay.

And maybe I should do something during the taper, right? I haven't done anything resembling exercise since Monday! I blame that on having a friend in town. Who accidentally brought two left sneakers. And who has now heard my inner dialogue about tri shorts vs. a bathing suit for this race about ten kajillion times. I think he might possibly be ready to kill me.

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Coach Tammy said...

two left sneakers?? Hilarious!

I wear a tri skinsuit for the entire race. It's a lot less to think about. I just try not to think about how I look in it. *snort*