Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm bored.

The activity in Iowa has dropped by an order of magnitude now that no one cares about us anymore. I can't say I am not disappointed that my man didn't win, although it would be nice if headlines actually acknowledged his second place finish instead of "Obama comes in first, Clinton in third!" I have seen Obama probably five times and he has said the same thing all five times, and I think I am just way too cynical to believe that he is this messianic uniter that everyone wants him to be.

Okay, enough politics! (sorta - I am obsessively checking the NH results as I write this)

The major bonus of the caucuses being over is that now I officially have time to train again. I have been in the pool twice this week and I ran today as well. I have a schedule. I plan on sticking to it, despite all the new year resolutionists at the gym. It might appear that I am one of them, with my new found working out resolve, but my timing solely had to do with the caucuses, not January 1st! (In fact my celebrations happened on the 3rd instead of the 31st.)

Right now the plan is for the Hy-Vee Olympic Tri in June...

That is of course unless I am distracted by this.

Yes folks, Lisa has proposed running the Midnight Sun Half-Marathon in Norway. It's in the middle of the night. In the Arctic Circle. How cool is that? It is the same weekend as Hy-Vee though. What to do?!

I have frequent flyer miles.

I have always wanted to go to Scandinavia.

I haven't seen Lisa since we ran the Toronto Half-Marathon almost a year and a half ago.

But lots of people I know are doing Hy-Vee, so that would be fun. Ah, the dilemma!


Wendy said...

Oh! Oh!!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!

(My vote would be for Midnight Sun. Because I can live vicariously through you ...)

Rainmaker said...

I also vote for whichever one is furthest away. Ye with the longest trip wins.

Fian said...

Dang! No question. If I had your skills, I'd be at the Hy-Vee!

bryan said...

Go to Norway. You might not get the chance again. You can swim in Gray's Lake whenever you want.

kt said...

I'm with Bryan. I am doing HyVee as well but you should really go to Norway. I have a feeling HyVee is going to be around for a 3rd year.

peter said...

Ha! All those people wanting you to go to Norway are abviously afraid of you showing up at the Hy Vee!