Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Audi 5000

(Reality Bites was on TV this weekend. I miss the 90s!)

Or should I say "I'm Volvo!"

Okay, so Volvos are Swedish, not Norwegian, but it's all the same right? At least all the Swedes and Norwegians seem to move to Minnesota to be featured on a Prairie Home Companion, so I think of them all as Lutherans who eat weird food and cross-country ski.

So yeah. I'm going here:
To the freakin' Arctic Circle!

To run a half-marathon!

In the Midnight Sun!

At 10:30 at night!

I'm totally just doing this for the t-shirt.

Oh, and to hang out with Lisa, who I haven't seen since we ran a half marathon together back in 2006, when we had to hitchhike to the start since all the buses were full.

But I am pretty much expecting between the red eye flight, the jet lag, the constant sunlight, and running a half-marathon at the time I am usually asleep, that my body is going to be very very confused.

Especially after I make it pull an all-nighter tonight to get everything done before I leave. Seriously, my to do list before 3pm tomorrow includes:

- Write individualized task plans for each of the students who works on my project
- Figure out how to get to the airport, as my usual route is flooded
- Look at data from one instrument and get it ready to be deployed for two weeks tomorrow
- Open up another instrument, put in the batteries, take test data, and check it out before deploying it for two weeks tomorrow as well
- Send an e-mail to someone here so I can start scheming about my post-Iowa life in New Zealand
- Spend all day at the lake tomorrow deploying above instruments
- Uh, pack?

And here I am blogging... I gots the mad procrastinating skillz!


Jenny Davidson said...

Have a fabulous trip, and good luck packing in the meantime!

Kevin said...

Have a great trip. Interesting place to run a race

Joe said...

Have a great trip, and say hi to Lisa for me.

MissAllycat said...

Looks amazing!!!

Rainmaker said...

It's all about the t-shirt. I'm glad you're clear on that. :)

Lisa said...

It's going to be amazing!

Yesterday I had the mad idea that we could pull an all-nighter the night of the race and just stay outside, so as not to pay for the hotel room. Then I abandoned this idea.

but ya, not that I'm in the taper part of training I feel so energized and high on life, all these things suddenly sound so reasonable.

Audrey said...

fyi, if you organize a relay in new zealance i'll fit that into my schedule :) have fun abroad!!! i love how you use your sports to travel!

Wendy said...

Have way, way too much fun!!!

(I, too, have mad procrastination skillz!)

Can't wait for the race report.

April said...

Damn, girl! That is so freakin awesome! You'll have a blast and take lots of pics for us!

Brent Buckner said...

Safe travels!

Coach Tammy said...

WTF? Why didn't you invite me to this one! That sounds amazing!!! Have fun, and don't forget to blog all about it. :)