Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stupid, terrible week

Everything since my run Saturday has pretty much been down hill. My fish committed suicide this weekend (yes, he actually managed to jump out of his tank to his death), on Monday I finally figured out that the thing I spent all last week working on at work was too broken for me to ever get functioning, on Tuesday I tried to start something new at work, and that, too, was irreparably broken (again, not my fault, but I couldn't get my stuff done). I even agreed to go on a blind date, but, predictably, got stood up.

I've been trying to exercise to the point of exhaustion to feel better, but, unfortunately, it's not working. All it's doing is making me tired, but I'm not sleeping well, so it just sort of keeps compounding. I ran with a friend from DC Fit last night; we did a speed workout. At the end, she asked what was wrong, because I seemed to be taking something out on her with the pace I was setting. It was kind of funny.

Ugh. Stupid week. Get better. At least I'm running and biking a lot. And haven't gotten hurt yet.


April said...

Awwww....I'm sorry you're having a bad week, but at least you are venting in a healthy way. I prefer a glass (or three) of wine:)

My negativity must have rubbed off on you. At least its almost the weekend! yay!

Lisa said...

I just saw a 60 Minutes special on how sleep deprivation is the source of all our troubles (ironically, I watched this while the midnight sun was keeping me awake) and it was pretty convincing.

As David Sedaris says, "When life gets you down, you just have to say 'fuckit' and go eat a big bucket of candy." And SLEEP.

Al Dimond said...

Your fish jumped out of the tank to his death. Impressive. Sounds like you're not the only one that's been pushing the workouts extra hard lately.

What kind of person stands someone up on a blind date anyway? That is pretty lame. You know what it might have been... maybe she was from one of our many fierce rival teams, and when she realized it was you decided to leave to try to throw you off. Not realizing it would send you into a training frenzy. She's probably posting about it on her team blog...

Guess who I toootally stood up on a date the other day? Joe. Yeah, Joe G., from Back off Man, I'm a Scientist. He's a scientist, I backed off, amirite?