Sunday, February 01, 2009

So tired

As I was expecting, I am feeling comfortable in the pool now that surgery is 4 days away. Today I did a 300m warmup and then 1500m, with no stops (personal best, so I'm pretty happy)

Swimming has been an interesting exercise experience for me. I am not going balls out, so I'm not out of breath while I'm swimming (and nevermind how weird it feels to exercise but not sweat). I can just get in a groove and keep going, which is nice, and I don't feel really exhausted while I'm in the pool. However, after a day like today, 5 minutes after I'm done, I just want to lay on the floor of my sister's apartment (I swim in the pool at her building) and sleep for an hour or two.

I've been thinking about races in the last third of the year as a way to keep my spirits up lately. I am on our WWR team in August. There are a couple other race possibilities, as well; I'll mention them again later in the year as I put more thought into them.

I've also been trying to find a sprint tri to think about for the fall within a reasonable distance from DC. I found ones in Hagerstown, MD in July, Culpeper, VA in August, Williamsburg, VA in September, Boonesboro, MD in October, and Bumpass, VA on October (perhaps the best named city in all of VA I never knew existed). If anyone knows anything about any of these races, let me know what you think. Once I'm on the mend and start training again, if it looks like I'm going to try to tri, I'll probably end up joining the DC Tri Club (their newbie race of choice is the NJ State Tri in July; the same weekend as Hagerstown).

Anyway, 4 days and counting until the big day. I went to the doctor's office on Thursday and picked up the knee immobilizer, the painkiller prescriptions (Percocet and something that I found out was an antihistamine when I looked it up (I don't know, but whatever)), and a Polar Care, which is an interesting device that is a knee brace attached to a cooler with a motor that circulates ice water through the brace.

I'm definitely resting Monday, but I'll get in two more days in the pool Tuesday and Wednesday.


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job on the swim! Good luck on the big day!!

Brent Buckner said...

Yes, all the best on the big day.

Polar Care - interesting!

Kyle said...

i think they might kick you out of the pool if you were swimming 'balls out.'