Monday, March 27, 2006


Hmm... I've never seen a blog before. What's a blog?
So ... do I just ... write stuff?

Here goes:
I can't yet commit to the big relay event, but I'd like to go. Seems like vanloads of fun.
Danielle, thanks for getting this together, and I hope your achilles holds up.



Danielle said...

Pete, you obviously don't procrastinate on the internet as much as some of us :-)

This is actually my first blog, so this is all new to me too, but you can write about whatever you please, mostly related to running :-)

Well, I hope your travels to Sweden won't interfere with relaying :-)

lisa said...

dont worry, pete mo. Blogging is hella addictive, and soon you will be obsessed too. Unless you have a significant life away from the computer, in which case, maybe not.

Danielle said...

Hehe, Lisa, you just made yourself sound like a major nerd who spends all her time in front of a computer, when in fact you don't even have the internet at home!