Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yay! A new place to whine about injuries!

So, now I have a place to complain about injuries! And I can either get sincerest sympathies from fellow runners or be told to get over my wussitis and suck it up.

Two and a half weeks ago I was out for run and about a half mile from home my Achilles tendon just went crazy on me and hasn't been the same since. I have no clue what happened. Because I generally refuse to admit I have an injury until I can barely walk (for example, the Toronto Half-Marathon where I barely stumbled through the finish line after 2 and a half hours), I ran 9 miles the next day.

Well, today was so nice I had to go running and I am bummed because, while the pain isn't debilitating, I can still feel it the whole time I run. I know, a tragic sob story. But! Grandma's Marathon is in less than three months now, so this is not the time for injuries!

We are supposed to be running 14 miles on Saturday and I don't think that is happening for me. Especially since I will be spending the week in Florida in a canoe trying to protect expensive scientific equipment from interference from alligators. The farthest I have gone since recovering from the calf injury (maybe I should just amputate my right leg?) is ten miles. Well, maybe when I get back from Florida, it will be feeling better.

Distance: 2.58
Pace: 9:56/mi
Running song of the day: Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper

(Don't worry, I won't be using this as a running log. I use the nice free log at I use it for running, biking, swimming, and skiing. An Ames graphic design company does this on the side for fun, so support your local businesses!)

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