Monday, October 23, 2006

Because I'm a shameless self-promoter...

It's my birthday! w00t! Presents are appreciated :-)

I now enter the last year of my 20s. The scary part? When I finally do a triathlon next summer, I will be considered 30 because of the age group rules. I consider that getting old before my time!

When I was a wee 22 year old, I thought up a list of things I wanted to do before I turn 30. It consisted of:

1. Get my PhD
2. Run a marathon
3. Pass that stupid Jeopardy test

Number 1? Well, I was oh so very naive back then. We are looking at 31 now.

Number 2? Done.

Number 3? Well, honestly, I don't care that much about that goal.

But that was the 22 year old list. One of my best college friends, who turned 29 a month before me, started talking about her list and asked me what was on mine and I wrote a new list on the fly:

"I want to do a triathlon. I want to get 8000 more miles on Northwest Airlines so that I can get a free ticket to Argentina/Chile and actually go there. I want to pass the test to get on Jeopardy (although I don't actually want to go on the show). I want to do my preliminary exam. I want to publish at least one more paper."

I guess I want to pass that stupid test more than I care to admit :-)

So I gotta get cracking!

Oh, and in very running related news, fellow teammates Jessica and Melissa ran the Chicago Marathon yesterday. It was Jessica's first, so yay for her! Melissa does things like the Quadruple Dipsea, so I am sure Chicago was a breeze for her :-)

In other Chicago related news, my friend Kecia who ran Grandma's with me in June finished just under the four hour mark. She dropped an HOUR off her marathon time in four months. An hour! I can't even comprehend this! She totally deserves the Rock Star medal, just because.


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday Danielle! And happy Mole Day too!

An hour off her time!?! That is freaking awesome. Congrats to her :)

Danielle said...

I feel like a failure as a scientist that I did not know it was Mole Day. Maybe that is why I only got a C- in college chemistry.