Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another bike down!

So on Saturday I went out for a 27 mile ride on my bike. Hey, that's far for me... But I still don't have any clue how I am going to do RAGBRAI next year...

I should note that even though RAGBRAI is 500 miles, apparently Iowa is full of non-cyclists who dip their back tire into the Missouri and manage to dip their front one in the Mississippi at the end of it all... I think it involves the copious amounts of pie that one is supposed to eat while riding across the great state of Iowa.
Anyways, Sunday was a gorgeous fall day, although I could have done without the 20 mph head wind the entire way back. The problem with fall in Iowa is that all the corn has been harvested and that natural windbreak goes away. But still it was a nice ride, even if I did come back with my hands, feet, and naughty bits all numb, some problems that will hopefully be rectified with the carefully selected birthday list I sent to my mom (October 23rd! Don't you forget it!)

Anyways, I go to ride my bike to school today and I hear the weirdest clanking noise.

I look down and two of my spokes are out and all bent out of shape! WTF?!

Then I realized the culprit. Yesterday my rooommate said to me:

"I hit your bike backing my car out of the garage today, but your bike's fine. Although it scratched my car up to hell."

The bike is most definitely not fine, but Bike Store Guy said it would be easy to fix up.

But since my other bike still has a flat tire (which I whined about over a month ago), this leaves me... *gasp* bikeless! If I didn't have to give a lecture on water harvesting methods in developing countries tomorrow I would make myself change that damn tire. I am sure I can figure out how to take off the back tire all on my own, right?

This is sad. Hopefully my bike will be fixed soon so that I don't have to take the bus for too long.

Although, truth be told, there are often cute boys on the bus.

The one problem will be Thursday, when we have our monthly Green Drinks meeting. See, I believe I am the one who established the "If you drive here alone, we have full license to mock you the entire evening because this is a meeting of tree huggers" rule. I think Thursday shall be dubbed "Hypocrite Thursday" for me :-)


Laurie said...

That sucks that your roomie backed into your bike. You should make her pay to fix it!

So I was wondering how I could get away with driving to Green Drinks on Thurs because I am not hardcore enough to ride my bike, especially at night. I could pick you up and then we'd both be clear! But hmmm, Grey's Anatomy is on at 8, I want to watch that too. Let me know.

Danielle said...

My roomie has indeed offered to pay for it. I just broke her washing machine (c'mon! how does a washer break with just one overloading? POS!) and we are splitting that cost, so I offered the same deal on the bike.

And this sounds like a possible game plan for Thursday if the bike isn't fixed yet. I'll let you know.

Bolder said...

*tears streaming down my face*

sorry, i just pictured someone backing up into my bike...

*more tears streaming down my face*