Sunday, July 15, 2007

Proof of Bling

So in my running group, I got called out for no proof of bling, so here it is:

Aaannnddd... I signed up for the Big Creek Olympic Tri on August 12th.

Just a tad bit freaked out by this.

I fear the swim. I know I can make my way through the 1500 m, but it could be painful. A friend who is a good biker and runner said "The Olympic distance is totally a swimmer's tri." I think I agree. At the sprint and half-IM distances, the swim is a small percentage of the race, but it is a good chunk of this distance. I signed up for another lesson with the hawt swim coach because I have actually gotten slower at swimming in the last 6 months. Kori can vouch for this.

So as not to break the chain (and because I like their blogs!), I am supposed to nominate five other rockin' chick blawgers so I nominate:

Sempre Libera

I would have nominated Audrey but she stopped writing on her main blog :-)


Audrey said...


nice bling!!!!!!!!!

look at you all future olympic distance triathlete!

thx for the pseudo-rockin girl blogger shout-out.

i am so pathetic. i need my blog back b/c i seriously can't stop talking to people about stuff they don't care about. too bad the alternative is me blogging about stuff i shouldn't blog about! sheesh! the dangers of being an oversharer...

Phoenix said...

Bah-ling! Sweet!!!

You look awesome showing off your trophy, preppin' for the Oly! The Olympic distance is my next event -September 1. Here we go!

Lots and lots of pool yards and some more open water swims should make that distance a little less intimidating. I hear ya, though! When I started training, I went for distance first - and my first Open Water Swim was a full mile - so the distance seemed like no problemo (though I knew I'd be slow). Now, in prep for yesterday's FTE, I've been putting a lot less yards in at higher speeds - and the 1500 is looking daunting again. Gulp. Back in the pool!

Tea said...

I'm doing my first Oly in August. (Might be the same weekend as yours). very very cool!

Duane said...

Way to go! Very good looking! (the trophy is nice too!)

Amy said...

Yeah! GO BIG! I love Big Creek - done it 5 times and enjoyed each of them - ok, maybe 4 of the 5. The 1 mile swim has been a triangle shape the last few years which is painful for swimmers like me who create the course to a weaving pattern - I think I usually swim 2 miles. But the rest is ok. If they would just flatten a few of the small hills at the end. I am very jealous!!!

Running In Oz said...

Way to bring home the hardware! Great trophy. I'll be pulling for you at Big Creek.

Sempre Libera said...

Nice trophy you got there! Congrats :-)

And thanks for the girl blogger shout-out!

Bolder said...

congrats, on both the blingy bling bling, and the rockin' girl rock.

thanks as always Danielle, for reading my blog, and your comments.