Saturday, July 07, 2007

Scientist envy and naked triathletes

I'm not properly psyching myself up for my tri tomorrow. I'm in my 10th month of law school in a row b/c I picked summer school over an internship and I have literally spent all day researching quarantine law. Can everyone please promise to voluntarily quarantine yourselves so we don't have to worry about laws mandating such things? B/c it would really free up my weekend. Thanks in advance.

My one triathlon-related moment today dealt with shopping for a new tri outfit. I was shocked at how short tri shorts are. I asked the store employee if the shorts were even effective for things like...I don't know...I just threw BIKING out there. He said yes, and that some women do tris in bathing suits with some padding or just bun hugger type outfits. He's right. I've seen those outfits-theoretically-but who would really do the triathlon essentially NAKED!?!? I mean, it would be good for tan lines (bad for skin cancer) but I can't see me competing in a sporting event in a trendy sports bra and bikini briefs. Um no. That type of outfit is actually the exact opposite of the one piece tri outfits (also not flattering) the store has. I went with what I had before-shorts (yes, the short ones, b/c of tan lines) and the one women's tri shirt in the store that didn't have a built in bra. B/c I like me the sports bra I already have instead of the fake ones they put in women's shirts.

Danielle, your research is at least OUTSIDE and you get to interact with other people. Who knew law was all about...reading laws. Le sigh.


Joe said...

I feel your pain. I spent today in a windowless cave of an office attempting to write a section of a proposal.

Good luck tomorrow, kick some ass!

Laurie said...

Yay! You are racing right now! Go Audrey go! I am cheering you on from afar :)

I can't wait to read your race report team mate.

Anonymous said...

I wish tri outfits had a little more fabric myself! Maybe I am just shy.

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