Monday, March 10, 2008

The foot gods hate me.

So you might think after two weeks of doing nothing, my PF might lessen up a little.

But you'd be wrong.

And apparently after this snowy winter of wearing hiking boots or my Gortex sneakers every day since December, my feet weren't quite ready for sandals. Well, I knew appearance-wise they would not be ready (someone needs a pedicure ASAP). But I have some weird pain on the top of my other foot that often shoots all the way up my calf. It was miserable. I walked around the effing ridiculously large Orlando convention center all gimpy for the week.

And yeah, those thoughts of running every day in the Florida sunshine? Didn't happen. Things were going on from 8am until 7pm every day. And as a natural talker, I am usually talking with people during breaks in the day (which weren't very long anyway).

So two weeks off from any form of exercise and no foot recovery.

And I gained five pounds.


But I'm just gonna say that there are lots of cute nerdy/crunchy-granola type oceanography boys with accents.

Oceanographers >> Civil Engineers


Wendy said...

Phooey on the Foot Gods.

(But yay for the NCGTOGWA!)

Laurie said...

I'm just gonna say that you didn't exactly do nothing for the last two weeks. It sounds like you were on your feet quite a bit at the conference, which is not exactly rest. Sure, it's better for the PF than running but it is not the same as complete rest. I hope this new pain resolves itself soon!

Audrey said...

boyz with accents??? who like that ocean!! that's all you baby!!! work it!!!

the foot gods DO NOT LIKE US!!!

Ali said...

Okay I am in week 3 of foot recovery, now I'm depressed.

but .. the cute boys with accents have made me happy again!

Rainmaker said...

"cute nerdy/crunchy-granola type oceanography boys"

I think there is like four oxymorons in that sentance.

But I'm all with you on the accents!

Steve Stenzel said...

Dang. Good luck. Take it easy and play it smart!

peter said...

Foot troubles are no good. At least if it continues, you could always hang with those nerdy granola guys with accents. I'm sure they love being around a runner chick.

bryan said...

It even hurts on the bike? Mine was bad on the run, and especially after the run, but I could ride for hours without problems. Hmmm ...

Jumper 2.0 said...

So basically you say you were flirting?!

There's gotta be some calorie burning with that?

Next step is to learn to brick this activity: flirt, run or run, flirt, run or flirt, run, flirt?

Whatever works for ya!

Bigun said...

Maybe you did it already...but the inserts for PF in my running shoes cured me right up. don't even need them anymore. and they were cheap $20 at a real running shoe store.

jeanne said... of us is going to die, and it's not going to be me.

except, well, it actually IS going to be me. I"m going to die on saturday but my PF will live on FOREVAH.