Sunday, March 16, 2008

Road trip!

So I finished off my running shoes on Thursday with my first run in three weeks, outside in the nice weather. That run totally sucked, but that is another story.

So I needed new running shoes. I am not a fan of the running store in Des Moines, but I heard rumors of a running store in Cedar Falls (about an hour and a half away) that supposedly did all sorts of geeky things like videotape you on the treadmill and analyze your foot strike and all that.

So Katie (a girl I run with) and I made a little journey. She would be the red crayon at the Living History Farm race. She has been having knee problems so we were hoping maybe they could enlighten us as the cause of our varied injuries.

So yeah, they really did videotape us. It was sort of weird to watch yourself run. Apparently I have a very neutral step. Who knew! So I got put in some Brooks. This is the first time I have ever had Brooks. How come they all look like orthopedic shoes?

But my shoes pale in comparison next to Katie's new shoes:

I am not sure if you can see it well, but the color theme is "Gold/Python." She now has faux snake skin running shoes. How rad is that?

They also outfitted me in some insoles for the PF, so we'll see how that goes. Since I have come down with a sudden inability to turn my head to the left, I made an appointment with Susan, the bestest masseuse in the world, and I found out that she suffered from PF as well and assures me that she can help with that in addition to this random ass neck thing.

And one last comment. While I am not typically a sports junkie, I do tend to get into March Madness. Having been at a Big 10 and a Big 12 school for my grad work, you actually can't help it since both Illinois and Iowa State are typically in the tournament. This year, neither team made it. This is only more pathetic because my true alma mater, Cornell, is in the tourney. Cornell! We're only good at hockey! (we are now in the semi-finals in the ECACs for that) I guess they have to let the winner of the of the Ivy League in, but still! When I pick my brackets, I always allow my teams one upset. So here is to hoping Cornell totally takes down Stanford! Since I was waitlisted at Stanford when I applied to colleges, it would be sweet vengeance on another level too :-) I will also note that this will be the lamest mascot match up ever as well. The Big Red vs The Cardinal? Seriously! It is a war of colors. At least we have a bear that runs around instead of a tree.


Rainmaker said...

Ha! A tree, that is hilarious. Never thought about it until you said it.

And 'rad' - wow, you should get bonus points for word-dropping that one.

Audrey said...

my dad is still mad at Harvard for denying his butt in the 70s. :)

cornell waitlisted me!!! i'm not bitter though. :) i will say it was very awesome when i went to visit though! we would have only been there together for one year though.

good luck with your foot!!

Joe said...

Indeed, the Stanford tree is totally lame. If you've ever seen a Stanford sporting event, the tree actually dances around the entire game. It's really really pathetic.

I am going to see Puke (as my sister so succinctly puts it) play on Thursday, b/c I have tickets to the DC (Verizon Center) games Thurs and Sat. I've never heard of Belmont, but I hope they come with the serious upset, so I don't have to see two Duke games...

Lisa said...

ha, I also rock the orthopedic Brooks, and it's time to get a new pair. I want the snakeskin bling shoes!

and that tree is both creepy and ugly. I just don't get "sports".

Wendy said...

Hopefully that PF will be banished!! (Do they give you a copy of your running video?)

Coach Tammy said...

You lost me at March Madness, but I am diggin' the python shoes! BROOKS are the way and the light. :)

peter said...

I have a pair of Brooks, the Addiction. The name sucks but the shoe is good.

My brother-in-law went to Cornell (so my sister lived there). Ithaca is gorges, right?

MissAllycat said...

I got the Snakeskin Asics a few weeks ago...LOVE. :)