Saturday, March 29, 2008

Almost time for doughnuts!

It's almost April! That means that doughnut time is coming up! I have run the ISU Triathlon Club's doughnut run every year I have lived in Ames. To sum it up, you get time cut off your 5k time for every Krispy Kreme you eat during the race at designated doughnut stops.

Seriously, I love Krispy Kremes (who doesn't?) and this is pretty much the one time of year that I eat them, so devouring four during a race seems acceptable :-) That and through three years of prior research, I have determined that four is the optimal number (if you aren't going to go up to ten for the bonus minute). Three: you pretty much break even with time it takes to eat the donuts versus the time you get taken off your time. Five: well I tried that last year and it didn't help. So I am going to go with four again and hopefully PR.

I decided I have to do this race this year and next, as instead of t-shirts they give out snazzy memorial pint glasses. Unfortunately the first year they did give out a t-shirt (which awesomely says "Whatever you do, don't puke!" on the back), so I won't have a set of four unless I do it twice more.

Who am I kidding? I love the excuse to eat Krispy Kremes :-) Plus, my running is craptacular these days, so I am not going to be PRing this spring on my own! Although on Wednesday I did run halfway to spin class, go spin, and then ran the four miles home. I felt pretty badass. Note that I only ran halfway to class though - I told Kori of my plan and when I was halfway there, she pulled up next to me and pointed out there was no way in hell I was going to make it there on time.

Oh yeah, and I went to see Run Fatboy Run last night:

The little movie theater in town totally set up the lobby like a race. There were even smushed water cups on the ground near the water stop and the employees all had race numbers on. It was fun.

And in totally unrelated science news, I got to pick the winner of the state science fair today, which was fun (see appropriate hilarious link sent to me by Lisa). I was originally judging 8th grade physics projects, and then one of the organizers waltzed in and said "I need a PhD or PhD candidate in environmental science" and I volunteered with two others and they apparently needed to break a tie. It's actually a pretty big deal for the students - they win scholarship money and they go to the international competition. We grilled both teams (both of which were two girl teams - yay for women in science!) for half an hour - honestly when I was 18, if you grilled me for a half an hour, I totally would have buckled. So that was fun.

I am also happy to say that the "13-year old tramp" look is out for the science fair this year (I swear the last two years I have wondered how some of these parents let their kids out of the house for a science fair in a six inch skirt). But apparently last night several students got sent home for what the director called "purpling" - which has nothing to do with some Obama vision for America and everything to do with boys and girls sharing rooms at the hotel. 8th grade! At the science fair!

Also, I got an e-mail this week from someone at the Naval Research Lab who wants me to interview. In Mississippi. Working for the Navy. Me. The crazy liberal. Last time I checked, the Navy doesn't really do science for the pure joy of science. Oh yeah, and Mississippi. I am pretty sure there will not be any Libertarian cowboys in Mississippi.

Lastly, I'm going to lament the fact that my favoritest coffee shop covered all their outlets.

My life in Ames is never going to be the same!


I'm sort of traumatized.


Wendy said...

OOOOhhhhh. "Do nots!" (I have never had a Krispy Kreme product.)

Have a very fine run!

Joe said...

for what it's worth, i've been impressed with the science they do at army and navy research labs. of course, it all somewhat applies to their core mission, so while you'll get to do science, you'll be part of the military industrial complex. but if they let me work in some of the places i've worked at these last few years, anything is possible. :)

i saw run fat boy run tonight. so funny!

Audrey said...

i go to a super liberal school and the grad and undergrad students on my tri team can't purple (even though we have a lesbian couple who CAN share a room)!! one grad students had to like announce she was staying with her husband in a hotel room to our school's logistics coordinator and i thought he was going to freak. i think it was fine though.

not cool about the outlets. people will NOT like that!!

Laurie said...

OK, I am a dork and read Naval as Navel and thought 'what do belly buttons have to do with water?'

The science fair link is hilarious! I kinda wish I had seen some that awesome on Friday!

Did you like the movie? That is pretty awesome they set up a water stop in the theater. I'm thinking someone must be a runner.

Rainmaker said...

Said in Homer Simpson voice:


And don't underestimate some of the nifty stuff that pops out of military research labs that isn't at all related to military stuffs.

RazZDoodle said...

Donuts, The Navy, and Missisippi. Great blog! thanks for stopping by mine. Sorry to hear you're stuck in Ames.

University of Iowa, Class of '94

Nitmos said...

Does work for the Navy include a "high and tight" hair cut? And will you get those regularly and free of charge?

This would be the first question to ask at the job interview.

bryan said...

me. I don't like Krispy Kremes. I think they're gross.