Saturday, April 05, 2008

First Harbinger of Spring

I should have known if might not be a good biking day when before I even left the house: I managed to fall down my stairs while wearing my cycling shoes. They're slippery! I think I saw my summer flash before my eyes. Good thing I was wearing padded bike tights!

But the first 60 degree day of the year necessitated a bike ride, as I already ran earlier in the day with Kori (5 miles, 9:53 min/mile, finally I am not feeling like a sloth!).

The winds being 27 mph, I opted to do smaller loops around Ames, just in case it was too brutal. Out here in the heartland, the second you leave town the wind just attacks you over the fields.

It was a gorgeous day, if windy. I was happily tooling along on a bike path when the road Ts, along with the path. Whoever designed this intersection made it so that to turn right to cross the street, you had turn greater than 90 degrees, unless you wanted to jump the curb. So as I get to the intersection, a minivan turns right directly in front of me, so I lean on the brakes and no problem and I go to do a sort of wide right turn around the sharp angle to cross the street.

Except there was another biker there. He had been crossing the street from the other side as the minivan turned so I didn't see him and my wide turn that I was executing would have totally put me in his path. I was already going slowly but I had to jump on my brakes.

Anyone see where this is going?

So yes, I have decided it is not spring until I fall over on my bike while clipped in.

In front of this other biker, some walkers, and an intersection full of cars.

And I don't even have someone else to blame! So of course, the only thing bruised is my ego, which actually surprises me as I totally tipped right over onto concrete, which is hard. Being a klutz I think I have mastered the art of falling - whatever you do, don't break your fall with your hands!

The funniest tip over story I have heard though is when my friend Kirstin was doing the Whaletown Tri and she came into transition on the bike and managed to fall over while clipped in in transition, while the announcer was announcing her name.

At least my embarrassment was anonymous.

As for sugar, it's been two days without pop/soda/fizzy goodness. But I had two beers last night. I think that might count as cheating.

And I didn't get dessert at The Cafe, which has the bestest desserts in town. But I did finish off the last of the spiced bran muffins I made last weekend for breakfast this morning. I think that also might count as cheating.

My friend just sent me this recent article on the topic. In total randomness, the authors blog talks about going to a political rally in Ames on NYE - which would be the same Obama event I was at.


Wendy said...

Danielle, at least now the rites of passage are over and done with! I'm glad you didn't really hurt yourself on the stairs or on the concrete!

(I don't believe beer is cheating.)

Audrey said...

does beer have sugah??


IronMin said...

This is my first time on your blog...funny post! I'm sorry for your friend Kirsten, but I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my coffee when I read about her transition fall. I can totally see that happening to me. I'm like you - I need the spring fall while clipped in to start the season off right.

Rainmaker said...

To ad they don't take too many photos at the dismount zone near the transition area - that would have made for an awesome photo.

Similiarily, if one of those red light cameras had caught your 'dismount', that would also be worthy.

Nitmos said...

You've captured my fear of biking in a nutshell. What if I fall down and go boom? I guess your first fall of the spring is probably just a bikers spring baptism though huh?

peter said...

Your fall-over story was funny, and so was Kristin's. My brother-in-law got sick of hearing my sister talk about my running prowess (he's a little overweight) so he insisted I join him on a bike ride. Of course he clipped me in. I fell over at the first intersection we stopped at. Revenge was, I'm sure, sweet.

Steve Stenzel said...

Dang. Well, it's no officially spring. Hope you're OK!

And I COMPLETELY hear ya when it comes to those Midwest winds out in the middle of no where!!

jeanne said...

sorry, beer TOTALLY equals cheating! google it.

of course, soy fruit yogurt i'm sure has no sugar in it (lie).


But what's important here is we're doing it!

great bike story. i can't wait to get CLIPPED IN pedals (I refuse to call them clipless since that makes no sense).