Friday, April 25, 2008

Hardest 8 miles ever!

Kori has to go to a conference tomorrow, so we decided we would do our long run tonight.

Little background. I took Wednesday off as I was so sore from our practice tri. But Thursday, we both lifted in the morning (5:30am - I still can't believe I actually get out of bed to do this) and then did speed work (4x1000 m) in the evening.

Our legs have been tired all day. But we're troopers. Even if we whine all the time.

By the time we got out the door to run, the temperature had plummeted from 63 degrees at 9am to 40 degrees at 4:30. Oh yeah, and the wind was blowing at 28mph, with 37 mph gusts.

And guess which genius planned the route earlier the day to include a loop around the Lake of Science where there is nothing to block the wind? (That would be me. On a complete side note, I spent all day analyzing last summer's wind data over the lake and I was totally not convinced that during storm events the wind came out of the northwest - which is what my data said. Well, I think the science gods wanted to humble me today since I didn't have faith in the data - that "blow you over" wind was all northwesterly. So really I brought this all on myself.)

My minion marine battery sherpa undergraduate research assistant out on the Lake of Science

It was pretty brutal. At about mile 3.5 when we were running uphill straight into the wind, Kori just stopped and said "I can't do it anymore!" I seriously thought her next words were going to be "Go on without me! Save yourself!" But when you are 3.5 miles from home, you need to get back. So I made a deal with her that we would walk for a minute every half mile. So we slogged through and eventually made it home and finished up 8 miles and still managed to average a 10:43 pace, even with the walking.

And then we reconsumed every single calorie we burned by stuffing our faces with margaritas and chips and salsa and fish tacos while still mostly in our running clothes.

But the best part? Long run totally done for the weekend. So guess who gets to sleep in tomorrow? Although I am so tired that I imagine I'll crash in an hour and consequently be wide awake at 6am. On a Saturday. It's sick!

In other news, Joe is off in Nashville running the Country Music Half-Marathon this weekend. He texted me today to say that the first booth at the expo was for New Balance.

Anyway, send him fast vibes! Given that Joe trained even less than me for Phoenix and still came in only two minutes behind me, he has to rock this course by comparison :-)


Laurie said...

That run sounds brutal. I am such a fair weather runner, I'd never do that. You two are hardcore!

peter said...

Doncha hate it when you put back every single calorie you burned and then some by rewarding yourself after the run--even before you change. It's not fair.

Rainmaker said...

Holy crap - that's some serious winds. Hard core!

Audrey said...

have i mentioned recently how much cooler your field research is than my legal research? i spend SOOOOOOOO much time at a computer. :(

Running In Oz said...

That wind was brutal -- and of course it hit you as you were going uphill. Great job on gutting it out and finishing the run.