Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random notes.

* It's been a busy week past week and a half.

* I lugged my running shoes to two different states and did not touch them.

* That's dedication for you.

* Oceanographers drink a lot.

* The head of Nortek looks uncannily like John Edwards, if he had a slight Norwegian accent.

* Unlike some people, I apparently am all about the random hookup.

* Even if she did have a flat when I got her home.

* Seriously though, one day when I was fantasizing about a new bike, I actually had researched my new purchase before.

* So when I walked in and it was sale, I decided it was meant to be.

* Of course, when I went to the store after doing a ten mile run that morning, I was in my running shorts and my legs were really not in any state to test drive a bike, but I still took her out for a ten mile ride before I bought her and it was nice to be so comfy in aero!

* And she's blue!

* But besides for security, I have to hide her in the basement since my neighbor works for the other bike store in town and I am slightly ashamed I cheated on my regular LBS with this purchase.

* Dam to Dam is going to hurt.

* I still need two more runners for our relay team!!!!!


Bigun said...

and yet ANOTHER person with a new bike (blatent Episode 9 refrence)! Congrats....ride it well!

Lisa said...

+ have you named your bike?

+ it's hilarious that bike people say "LBS". Knitting people say "LYS".

Laurie said...

Whoa, I completely thought you had a random hookup at the conference. Or maybe that it what you are trying to secretly confess ;)

Rainmaker said...

Wow - you hooked up at a conference? Now that's hardcore.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Oh great, way to start the rumors Laurie :-)

Audrey said...

between yours and rainmaker's posts today...salicious bike craziness...

Al Dimond said...

I think this is the point where I'm supposed to wander into the discussion and congratulate you on a drunken-cheating-lesbian-smurf conference-hook-up with an oceanographer you'd stalked beforehand, even if you were disappointed with her digs (hoping for a full-on house instead of a flat?). Just because I think the implications of this post deserve a full enumeration.

Or maybe just say, "Marx wasn't kidding about commodity fetishism." Except that would be pretty snippy and trite, and really that joke is quite played-out by now.

The new bike does look pretty hott, though. If I had one like it I'd be parading it around on Lake Shore Drive at Bike the Drive in all of three hours! After pulling an all-nighter! Probably not one of my better-planned ideas...

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! I love that you are ashamed to not have purchased the bike from your neighbors store! That's great!