Friday, July 11, 2008

Hmmm, I can't decide how I feel about this...

I can't decide if I am secretly hoping that the 60% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow morning means I don't have to race.

Although I have spent all week psyching myself up for this.

But maybe this is divine intervention - I mean of course God/Allah/Yahweh/Flying Spaghetti Monster/the Universe/[insert favorite deity here] totally is sending bad weather to give me a break at the expense of all the other athletes who actually trained for this race.

I'm special like that.

And on a side note, manpris featured significantly this past weekend:
I guess if you win Wimbledon, you can rock the manpris.

Plus, he is a cute boy with an accent.

He can wear whatever he wants.


Kevin said...

Im sorry I dont care how good he is. Those manpris are just lame

peter said...

That's one fine tennis player! I liked his manpris, headband and grunts in the finals just fine. (When it was 7-7 in the fifth, I went out for just a moment!)

April said...

I'm fine with any temperature that starts with a 7.