Saturday, July 05, 2008

Impending Doom

One week to the Lake Geode Challenge, which is an Olympic distance tri.

Let's take a look at the training totals for June:

Swim 6550 yds
Bike 25 miles
Run 38 miles

Possibly the only thing I am prepared for is the run, and barely at that. When I signed up for this months ago, I had every intention of training well. But life apparently got in the way. Part of me thinks I should just bail. This race is hilly! I suck at hills! What was I thinking?!

But I am going to suck it up. It is going to be a small race, so there is an actual chance of coming in DFL.

But I am a little worried about the bike. Today I hit some hills on my ride on the new tri bike. The bike gets major points for having a lot more gears than my old bike, so spinning up hills is a little easier.

I think.

If I manage to get into gear on time.

But I am not solid on the handling yet, so I have this fear of tipping over while going up a hill and humiliating myself. And now that I have a fancy bike, it is like double humiliation if you suck on the bike!

Secretly, if I wasn't doing this with Krissy, I'd probably bail.

I am so not hard core!

But apparently, I'm intriguing to Australians?

Speaking of down under, I learned that apparently men in New Zealand are really into the manpris.
This fact surely must be negated by the cute accents.


Audrey said...

Danielle, you are SO GOOD at biking!! I am serious. I'm not worried about you.

And a lack of training merely means you go into the event injury-free! Kick some ass!!

Joe said...

if i move to new zealand, i will not be wearing manpris.

Wendy said...

I prefer to think of it as being well rested rather than undertrained.

Nice Aussie shout out!

Jenny Davidson said...

Yes, nice shout-out! You will be fine, worst-case scenario you'll walk some of the run, if it is a hot day you will not be alone!

jeanne said...

my oly is in two weeks! i'm afraid to look at my totals. i think i've run maybe 10 miles. i have the same fear of tipping over going uphill, just remember the golden rule: a body in motion...can't tip over. so just keep pedaling. anyway, if i'm not freaking about the uphills, i'm fantasizing my death going downhill!! arghhh, crazy sport!

I actually like the manpris. on that man.

and yay you, a whole country likes your blog!

Kevin said...

You will be fine.

Nitmos said...

Ah, what the hell. What's the worst that can happen? Go for it.

peter said...

What are manpris? Whose got cute accents? Why would Aussies follow someone in Iowa (the heartland)? Don't they all live on the coast? Is Jeanne right, that as long as you have a teensy weensie motion going, you can't fall over? 38 miles for the month? All that other stuff (biking, swimming) is getting in the way of your running! Good luck on your oly or oli or ole.

Rainmaker said...

Just throw another shrimp on the barbie and hope for the best - that's my typical racing strategy anyway...well, except I don't like shrimp.

Steve Stenzel said...

Go out there and do what you can! You know you can do it, and who cares if you just happen to be the slowest one that day (which, I'm sure you won't be).

And I love the last line of the post. HA!

Anonymous said...

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