Saturday, July 05, 2008

I don't swallow, I spit

I was trying to think of a title to this post while I was running this morning, and the only things that came to mind were Futurama quotes, until I noticed that my mouth was getting a little spongy and I was spitting a lot, and I decided to play off D's awesomely title post from the other day.

After I complained about my bad week last Wednesday, I basically had a total mental breakdown, and by last weekend, I was just avoiding all contact with society because I couldn't interact with other humans. So while I ran last Tuesday, I didn't run again until this past Monday, skipping the 12 miler for DC Fit last weekend, with an email to my sister late Saturday night, "Not going tomorrow. Talk to you later." Yeah, nice, huh?

By the end of last weekend, I started to feel better, and I ran again this week, doing 2 runs, a day of speed work, and a day of biking, Mon-Thurs. I took Friday off to spend it with the fam, and this morning we had a 10 mile run (an out and back on the W&OD trail). Almost no one showed up (surprise surprise, I know). I had a good run, averaging 9:45s on the way out and 9:15s on the way back.

I felt pretty good running-wise, but my stomach was really upset this morning. When my folks are in town, I eat a lot of foods I don't normally eat. Dinner last night was good, but there were more fats in the meal and junk food afterwards than I would normally eat the night before a long (where I define long as >= 10 miles) run. When I was eating my peanut butter sandwich for breakfast this morning, my stomach immediately started doing somersaults, and I knew I was in for a rough one. Stupidly, I didn't change the contents of my water bottle from Gatorade to water, so I had all that sugar that just turned my stomach every time I took a sip, and I had a Gel at mile 5, which I had to walk for a minute afterwards because my stomach cramped so much. Around mile 7, I just dumped my bottle out so as not to be tempted to drink from it and finished strong.

Oh, and it rained for most of the run, which would have been nice because it was retardedly humid (a little over 90% humidity when we started at 7 a.m.), except it didn't rain hard enough to break the humidity, so basically it was humid and a little wet. Whee! At least it was cool, only around 70 degrees during the run.

So anyway, after having a little nutty last week, I am back on the horse, and it feels good to have a good run like today's to feel like I didn't lose anything by skipping a full week.

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Danielle in Iowa said...

Just don't spit on the horse, okay? That's nasty.

Glad to hear you're doing better this week!