Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm a swallower

I learned something about my swimming technique last night.

Apparently I am an air swallower.

Any fellow air swallowers out there will know why this is not good.

On the plus side, I think I am less of a swallower in open water swims since my complete inability to swim in a straight line means I have to sight a lot so there is less gasping, so at least this won't lead to horribleness on the bike.

But still. I am so getting my ass kicked at Lake Geode!

Oh yeah, I plan on doing a race report from Norway soon, but I left my camera at my friend's house in CT. Along with my purse. Smooth! I have had no money or credit cards since Saturday.

And in completely other news, my local NPR station is out - nothing but static! I had to wake up to music this morning instead of the dulcet tones of the Morning Edition hosts. I am sure this is because of the vast right wing conspiracy.


Lisa said...

i am a total air swallower! i have to burb every 5 lanes.

the republicans have taken iowa NPR! it makes perfect sense; i think they're gonna pull out all the stops this election. But no worries, NPR.org is stellar.

Kevin said...

I am an air swallower as well. I get out and cant stop burping over and over for 30 minutes to an hour

Audrey said...

oh my lord danielle..the TITLE!!! you are trouble.

Rainmaker said...

I don't swallow. Not my style, not really how I swing. Just sayin'.

But...I think it's good you do.

MissAllycat said...

Wow, not where I thought this post was going, based on the title. :)