Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Run Geek Run

I was helping a friend who is attempting to get back into running find some short races this fall, and I came across one that I am totally signing up for: Run! Geek! Run! It's an 8k, and I'm totally going to run it because I want a shirt that says, "Run! Geek! Run!"

I sent the link for the race to my friend (who also happens to be the P.I. of the R&D project I work on at my day job, so perhaps even a bigger nerd than I am), and his response was, "Dude, those guys on that page there don't look like geeks at all. They look like they could be the reason the geeks are running." So we decided a better tag line for the race website would be, "Run geek, run, because these motherf**kers are coming for you!"


Kyle said...

Lauren and I saw this a couple of weeks ago, and we were talking about maybe coming out to run it. I'd wear my FOIL shirt.

Plus, I think the guy with the Breath-Right nose strip looks kind of geeky.

Lisa said...


sherri said...

kyle - you guys need to come back for that! you're welcome to stay at my place :)