Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm addicted to Mary Jane(s)

So here is where I am totally using this blog for my own personal gain.

Over here, Keen is doing a giveaway.

For any of their products.

Now, in case you didn't know, I am kinda a shoe addict.

And I am addicted to expensive shoes.

Not like Carrie Bradshaw shoes.

But hello, I own about five pairs of Keens, five pairs of Chacos, and five pairs of Danskos (to my credit, I snag a lot of them for like 50-75% off at Steep and Cheap).

I seriously have a problem.

I especially have a bit of a Mary Jane addiction. How can you not think these are not adorable?

Anyway, I get an extra entry into the contest if I link back to it from the blog.

Yes. I am a shameless shoe whore.

Oh! And in some running related content... We had our running group Christmas party tonight.

There was a white elephant gift exchange.

I put in an entire box full of Howard Dean pins and stickers that I have left over from 2004.

In return...

I got...


The German Chicken Hat hasn't even been worn since I wore it last year for Living History Farms. In fact, it still has leaves stuck in its feathers. Oh I'm so happy that the German Chicken Hat is moving to Seattle with me!!!


Lisa said...

I love that it's German!

you need to wear this if and when we do the polar night half marry in Tromso.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Drünken Chickens Über Alles,
Über Alles
Even grünge!

Way to trade up, sister!

Good luck with the shoe-whoring. I think you must be the ONLY WOMAN ON THE PLANET who has this shoe obsession. Really. This is the first time I've run across it.

Marcy said...

Those are cute shoes!

sherri said...

15 pairs of shoes does not make you a shoe whore...and linking to the blog to get an extra entry is just smart!

M said...

Box of pins for that hat?


Nitmos said...

A question and comment:

Love the hat.

Where can I get one?

Rainmaker said...

The chicken will fit right in, in Seattle.

peter said...

Those shoes aren't adorable, the hat is. Once at a White Elephant Xmas gift exchange I got a door stopper (from supply) stuffed inside a coffee cup the syncophants of the manager who hated me had created. I think it was coincidental that I received this White Elephant offering, but no one claimed it subsequently from me. I left the division shortly thereafter, so the younger ones could syncophant away. I think somehow that relates to you getting the German hat. It looks cool on you, but you have to move on past IA.