Monday, December 15, 2008

one pole, no protection

As Danielle so creatively pointed out. My car, a Rendezvous, had a rendezvous with a telephone pole. Apparantly, the ice doesn't count as a no fault accident, so indeed it is my fault that my car slid on the ice. I did a nice, slow thinking response. Steer with the skid. . . . . .didn't work. . . . .steer against the skid. . . . ..didn't work. . . . . . .hit the brakes. . . . .not a good idea, turns the car around. . . . .hit the telephone pole. And, I was on my way to the gym to lift weights before our work xmas party so I couldn't stop to call the police and make a report or I may miss the opportunity to see my only shoulder muscle reflected in the large mirror as I lift my punny weights!

So, Danielle listened to me talk to my insurance company on the phone all the way to the gym. And, then I drank a beer at the xmas party.

Do any of you have a car? If so, invite me to do things. Invite me a lot, take pity on me - I will be fun! All you need to do is pick me up. . . .


Wendy said...

Well, it is sad that the car met the pole, and that the insurance is not helpful, but it is good you were still able to party!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I am glad you were not hurt in your accident.

Insurance companies suck. That's right, I'm not afraid to say it, I don't care HOW many people I alienate with this controversial anti-insurance company stance. I don't try to be a rebel. I just am.

On the plus side, at least your car is getting some. At least, to hear Danielle tell it, it is. Of course, Danielle doesn't tell it very well, leaving a bit too much to one's imagination, but, hey, still the best pole-nography I've seen lately.

Very few do it well.

Good luck finding rides!

Kori said...

You guys are so nice. I am very thankful not to be hurt - in between the bitter moments when I'm thinking about the interesting life I would lead if I could just go through a drive thru once this week. I dream of drive thru coffee, drive thru tacos, event drive thru at my bank.

peter said...

I was a state trooper for seven years and I found that while the brakes would not always stop a car immediately, a telephone pole ALWAYS did.

Sorry about your collision. Glad no one was hurt. I remember my memorable wreck (no injuries) as a teenager, uncontrolled (no stop signs) intersection, halftime in the Giants game, with just enough time to drive down to the BK and get back before the second half. That was the most expensive Whopper I ever purchased, but I ate it, cold, two hours later when I got home.