Saturday, December 13, 2008

Six miles of lumbering

Okay, at least I am up to six miles. That's something! Even if they were 11 minute miles. I think I may drop back to five mile long runs again, mostly because I get discouraged when I run my long runs in the 11s. I only wear my heart rate monitor so I don't know my pace until I finish. Okay, whine whine whine, boo hoo, I run so slow. Done.

Anyway, maybe I ran so slow because this is Day 9 straight of working out. Seriously! You'd think I was a machine or something! Normally I give myself a day of rest once a week, but Kori has been guilting me into working out, mainly because her car had relations with a telephone pole and so she can't get to the gym unless I drive her. So in the past nine days, I have had 4 short runs (2.5-3.5 miles), one long run of six miles, three spinning classes (two of which turned into bricks with 1-2 mile runs afterwards), and three trips to my weight class at the gym (lamely called Group Power!).

The last track at Group Power is the shoulder track and the music sounds like it came straight out of my Nintendo Dance Aerobics game. (Okay, I guess game is a really bad name for it, since it is dancing).

From 1988.

Yeah, we were doing Wii Fit way before it was cool.

The best was that they had this Track and Field game that was superfun. Of course, we would always cheat on the long jump and jump off the pad and then jump back on to land. And these guys here? There was many an hour of doing this in the basement in front of the Nintendo. If you have never played, I'd like you to note the movements during the 100-m dash, where you go fast by having quick turnover... which when running in place means picking your feet like an inch off the ground. Ah, such a skill to be mastered!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


Go back to the part about the car having relations with the tele-pole. Describe it more slowly this time, and with more detail. Don't use any names! That just ruins it for me. Allow for a little build-up, too - don't go straight for the wham-bam-Thank-You-Alexander-Graham-(Bell) car-on-pole action. I like a little romance in my pole-nography.

Okay, go ahead. I'm waiting.

Wendy said...

Glad Kori's okay, even if the car isn't!

peter said...

Ha ha, that was funny, her car had relations with a tree. Did you make that up? That video was exhausting to watch. Let's see, the losers said, besides You Cheated and I Only Lost by Five Points--It was a warmup and Let's Do It Again. Classic. I'm glad they bagged it though b/c by then it was Miller Time after all that work.

Lisa said...

that was very funny.

so, i haven't run in like 3 weeks because the weather's been cold & rainy... living in Europe has totally turned me into a sissy.

Joe said...

sorry i've been MIA lately. not being able to do anything has me pretty down lately, so i'm mostly just sulking quietly at home.

Jenny Davidson said...

I find when I am doing slow treadmill miles or indeed any very slow miles that it is better for the morale to go on time - like you could do a nice tidy "1.0hr" run where you run 30 minutes out & then get home again a tiny bit quicker than you got there! And don't worry about the exact distance...

Kori said...

This is the first time I've been chastized for "encouraging a friend to go to the gym too much". ha :) I hate not having a car, but I love my good friend Danielle who is driving me everywhere.

As for the relations, perhaps I'll post something, but Danielle is so much more clever than me.

Steve Stenzel said...

I would ALWAYS play the track and field games with my friend Eric! Good times!

p.s. Late January, there's a half-marathon here in St. Paul (Pharmie and I are running it). And sometime in mid-Feb, there's a half-marathon in Rochester that I think I'll be running. Interested?

Rainmaker said...

Wow, that was a blast from the past. I remember those as kids. Holy cow!

jeanne said...

nintendo! awesomeness.

i want to cry about 11 min miles too.

there, i just did.

but 9 days straight! damn!